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Saturday cleaning

I interrupt my Saturday morning cleaning frenzy to ask one important question...

How do boys get a bathroom so filthy?!

Clearly I need to go upstairs more often.  Certainly I need to have inspections instead of just asking, "Did you get the bathroom clean?"  All I can say is Eewww!

Maybe our next building project on the farm should be an outhouse.  Would that be bad?  When visitors came over they would ask, "What is that out there?"  And I could say, "That's the boy's bathroom."  If they were moms of boys, I think they would wonder why they didn't think of that!

Sisters, can I get an Amen?


  1. Oh, I don't even WANT to know the answer to your first question! I just think a metal shed with a concrete floor and drain with shower heads etc. is an appropriate 'outhouse' - it can then just be hosed down from afar... :)

  2. My son is 38 and my daughter is 31.
    Been empty nesters for 15 years!
    Our house stays mostly clean.
    Just the dust builds up fast.


  3. Too funny and I think it's not just the little boys but also the grown men.(or at least in my household)
    I think an outhouse would be perfect for them and if nothing else it would create a conversation piece.

  4. Amen! Three guys here so I feel your pain.

  5. Add another couple of 'Amens' to that..I have two boys home at the moment and another 2 grown boys who visit regularly...very messy!

  6. I think most mothers of boys would agree with your outhouse idea! Probably even some wives will agree!

  7. Amen....even one male in the household (aka the husband) is a mess that dislike. I should rent a port a potty-that way someone else comes in and takes care of that problem also.

  8. Oh, a port-a-potty! Now we're talkin'. Of course, when we were building our house I had a near death experience with one of those. A big gust of wind knocked it over just seconds after I stepped out of it! But it would just be for the boys anyway and they would never be afraid of a port-a-potty like me.

  9. AMEN SISTER! My daughter refused to go into the "kids" bathroom upstairs. She says it stinks and it's gross! and she's only 5. My son and husband just don't see the problem. Go figure! We girls gotta stick together. Love your idea.

  10. I feel your pain! I have four boys and a husband!! And ewww is right! LOL!
    Love your blog and your cute house. Found your blog looking for chicken coop ideas and have kept coming back. I homeschool my three youngest too. LOVE IT! :)

  11. I may be a little late in commenting here, but yes sister.... I will give you a loud AMEN!!

    Do Theresa's idea and just give 'em a concrete room! :)


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