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The boys are back in town

We brought home the little bucks.
Joe with a little Cream

Dill's Little "Joe" Cartwright

 and Dill's XM Merlin aka Cream
(we're sticking with the coffee theme)
They are beautiful buck kids and boy do they come from good milking lines!  I am super excited about these guys.

While at my breeder's dairy, there was a kidding.  It was a difficult one.  I put on the gloves too and got to feel the baby before it was born.  What an experience!
Then it was on to watch disbudding, shots, tatooing, and worming.  I even got to try my hands at milking, managing to only get a few squirts into the pail and the rest all over the room. 
It was like a morning of dairy goat boot camp.I loved it!


  1. They are adorable! And what a neat experience for you to help in the birth!

    Oh some day, I'll have my goats *fingers-crossed*!

  2. wow. cream is just a tiny thing! glad you got to see 'the whole shebang' kinda tour. :)

  3. OH, Kim, there beautiful. Your going to have some pretty kids one day, have fun with them.

  4. What a fun thing to life is so exciting! Cream looks like he has an Easter bonnet on his head. Very cute :D

  5. Hi Kim...just catching up on all your news! I am looking forward to seeing all those goats and trees and chickens grow up and bear fruit..milk, pecans and eggs and to see how you use them!

  6. they are so cute! oh...i'm just dreading milking...ick!! glad you went first! :)

  7. Good for you! You are brave....and privileged..

  8. How exciting! so happy that you are getting into the thick of it! have a great time!!

  9. Whee! You've really jumped in with both feet (and gloved hands)! Cream is absolutely adorable, and Joe looks quite handsome, too. Congratulations!

  10. Such adorable babies! And so exciting that you were there for a birthing - and even got to participate.

  11. Sounds like a dreamy day! P.S. Those boys are super cute!!!

  12. Oh, they are sooo adorable! I admire your zeal!
    Good-fortune in all your endeavors! Luv-Loretta


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