Coming up roses

Just look at those buds.  They're loaded!

This shrub rose is already blooming.

The catmint is going crazy! 

 And here's my very first iris.

 This purple salvia bloomed all summer last year.  I can't believe it's already so pretty.

 You may not know it but last year was my first year to have a cottage garden.  I've never grown perennials before.  It's awfully hard to tell which are weeds and which are flowers when they spring up.  I've made a few mistakes cleaning out already.  Oops!  There are still lots of bare spots (too ugly to show you).  I'll have to fill in those areas.

The strawberries are also coming back well.
This one has a tiny bloom.

And the chickens, well, they are always ready to help me work the blackberry patch.


  1. My perennial gardens are just "waking up"... everyday I see something new sprouting :) It's so nice to see people in other areas that are ahead of us see flowers!!


  2. Love it! Spring brings us so many gifts! Lavender is my favorite, I love to brush it and smell that heavenly scent! ;D

  3. how awesome! glad you've got some back and already blooming their heads off!

  4. Kim I am impressed that you have anything left after this past winter.I just Wendy's home Monday and headed for my home in Texas.It is so dry here.
    I meant to ask you on the Little bucks are you going to keep them bucks for breeding?Wendy is interested if you are.

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  5. Oh glory be! You're a bit ahead of us, in blooming, but this gives me hope for sure!

  6. You have a lot more blooms at your place than we do at ours right now, but our apple tree is in full blossom.

  7. You are way ahead of us.. I'm just starting to see the leaves on the rose bushes!...

  8. You are doing well for such a new garden, every year it will get better and the gaps will be filled in. Your roses are certainly doing well..can't wait to see those buds fully blooming!

  9. What beautiful flowers you're getting!

  10. I love catmint and salvia......I have a lot of it around our farm. I guess I will just have to enjoy looking at yours for now. ;) Of course, it is too cold here for it to be blooming yet! Stop by my farm for a visit!!


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