Petite, pretty, and has an air about her.  But she's such a "troublesome creature".  In keeping with her Jane Austen namesake, she always needs to be a part of everything!

Yesterday, I was checking on the little chicks in their section of the hen house, when she decided to drop in for a visit.  I don't know how she got past me.  It created quite a stir!  There were feathers flapping frantically. 

Poor little things.  They aren't ready for Emma's enthusiasm yet. They are putting on lovely red feathers though.


  1. There just has to be an Emma everywhere, doesn't there!

    Loving the chicks.... they all look wonderful x

  2. I just happened to find your blog and I love it! I think we have the same bread recipe and cinni rolls and a Golden and I laughed when I saw your son napping in the pasture with the horse, something I did as a kid and have done even as an adult! LOL Come say hi some time :D
    I am your 200th follower and have added you to my blog list.

  3. oh, she's a sprite, isn't she?! she's lovely and i hope the chicks aren't too traumatized!

  4. Hopefully everyone survived the trauma? And I agree... there always seems to be an "emma" in the group!


  5. HaHaHa Funny how everyone has or knows an Emma!
    Your little chicks are gonna be cute chickens!

  6. Funny! I think I have the same chicks and the same age.

  7. There always one in the bunch! Emma sounds like a hoot!

    Loved seeing your chicks. We ordered 18 chicks from our local feed store and they're on back order. I'm so sad! I really want them now! I guess I'm not a very patient person when it comes to some things *laugh*!

  8. that totally describes MY daughter EMMA, who is now 32...petite, pretty and has an air about her.

  9. My Aunt Emma pretty much supervised everything, too.

  10. Oh, I just LOVE hearing about all you get up to. It makes me long for a more rural existance. Emma is GORGEOUS!!! I love it when hens have so much character. So sweet!



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