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Goat shed - almost finished

It's mostly done except for caulk, paint and roofing.  I would have already finished that but the wind is blowing non stop and that doesn't work well with a paint sprayer. We set the posts for the fencing today.
Tomorrow we will do the wire and top rails on the fence.  That has to get finished up since we are picking up our baby bucks on Sunday. 

Pecan trees made the Rockin' S-Squared their home today too.  Eleven of them.  They don't look like much now but they will grow, hopefully fast!  We found we had room for two more that will be picked up tomorrow.  Someday, we may have a pick your own.  Maybe we'll get some peach trees too.  We'll see...


  1. busy, busy, busy up there in Oklahoma!

  2. Pecan trees - interesting! Pecans are really expensive now - seems like a good investment.

  3. nice! Thinking of adding fruit trees this spring.

  4. I love pecan trees and baby goats...have fun! :D

  5. It looks great, will the bucks be housed on the other side, will you build it out like you did for the doe side, I was wondering, because they say dont put the bucks near the does or there smell will run into there milk, I'am having that problem where I'am going to put the bucks, ( HELP ), my barn isnt as nice as yours, its made out of tin, but its 16 by 25, I've made 8 stalls, I want 1 for the feed and hay, and I have a hay loft, then 1 for the milking area, 1 for the bucks, 1 for the birthing does, and the rest are for the does, but I dont know how I should put them in order, the bucks to the back and the does to the front.

  6. Kim, that looks fantastic! You are very talented builders! Can you post some pics of the inside at some point?

  7. Sharon,
    The bucks will live next door to the does but not in with them. My breeder, one of the top in the nation, assures me that it won't affect the milk unless they are together when the does are "in milk". If it becomes an issue we will switch the pigs and bucks later for some separation.
    I will post detailed pics after the inside is set up and everything is painted with the roof on. Finished the fence today.
    Ready for my baby bucks tomorrow. Will post pics!

  8. Kim, Your right, I visited a Goat farm yesterday, to check out a Buck she has for sale, ( he was so pretty, white with black spots on his feet and BLUE EYES, ) just what I want. But her Bucks were just across from the does, not but just a few feet from one another, but seperated by a chain link fence, and she said the same thing there smell does'nt affect the does milk. But she did'nt let the bucks run with the does, ( HELLO ), so I 'am going to have to have another fenced in area, for them. I'am going to be busy. I cant wait to see more pictures, your's is already so pretty. Your milking shed is really nice. You are such a blessing. Cant wait to see more.

  9. Are the goats going to be in the same field as the trees? If so, they will eat/kill the trees unless you protect them somehow.


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