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Patience, Sam.

Homeschooling is winding down for the year. All but a few subjects are completed.  The weather is nice and we all have spring fever making it hard to concentrate.  Sammie's impatient with the whole situation...

"Mom, can Jared go out to play with me?"

"No Sam, Jared is doing his math."
"How many more problems do you have."

"Are you sure he can't just take a break.  I mean, I really need to play fetch."

"You will have to wait, Sammie."



  1. what a sweet dog!!! with the weather getting nice, he has cabin fever and wants his boy to come play!

  2. She's getting so big! Almost not a puppy anymore!

  3. Amazing ! a talking dog! you'll have to teach him to paint fences as well!! jennyxx

  4. Oh poor Sammie... a dog's life is a tough one!


  5. haha how fustrating! but yes math before play!


  6. LOL very cute! Is that a golden or a chesapeek? (sp?) Beautiful dog. :D

  7. That's exactly what Sammie was thinking! Love the pictures with the ball in his mouth, trying to patiently wait!

  8. That's so sweet seeing your dogs face as he waits for his buddy to finish his homework. I admire you for home schooling your children. I really think that's a great way to start them off as they learn self discipline and how to study properly before they actually go out into the big wide world to school. Enjoy your vacation when they're done!
    Maura :)


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