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Kicking up their heels

It's always the cool misty days like today when the horses get frisky.

The boys raced around the pasture kicking and bucking.

At times it almost looked like a syncronized dance.

Even little Cowboy was kicking up his heels.


  1. sweet! nothing better to bring a smile to one's face!

  2. The only thing more fun than watching all of that is getting out there with them! ;D

  3. I love to watch the horses run, that is when I not trying to catch them.

  4. Don't you wish you could read animals minds sometimes. I wonder if they were just having fun, or if there was a reason for the running around. LOL There is a lot I don't know about horses.

  5. Oh these pictures are so beautiful! How wonderful I bet it is to watch them run like this!!


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