Meet Sally Holmes

She's a rose.

Actually, there are two of them ~
 twins welcoming you into my flower garden.

They are classified as a shrub rose but can be excellent climbers too.  I'm hoping they will canopy over the entrance someday.

I love how they start out with tiny apricot buds

that open slowly while turning the palest pink

and finally end up as showstopping single petals in creamy white.

Now aren't you glad to meet Sally?  She's my favorite.  Bet you would like her in your garden too.


  1. Hi Sally(s)! You're just plain lovely!!!

  2. Beautiful! We used to have a rose bush but my husband got too eager with the clippers. Sigh. One of our apple trees suffered the same fate.

  3. I love Sally Holmes roses. We had one that climbed a fence and put out full bouquets of blooms that just draped elegantly covering the ugly chain link. I have yet to get one here and hope to do so in the near future.

  4. That is so beautiful. Sadly, she wouldn't survive in our (windswept) garden, but it'd be a dream come true to have a garden with roses ... Oh well, we can't have everything x

  5. Sally looks quite at home at the Little Red Farmhouse

  6. My Sally Holmes are blooming too. Isn't it just the prettiest old fashioned rose?

  7. Sally is pretty...I hope she won't snag people as they walk through your entrance though!

  8. Wow. Makes me want roses. On the edges of my yard we have some nice little wild roses. In late summer, they're covered with Japanese beetles, my chickens' favorite treats.
    I never tire of looking at your photos. Your world looks so tidy and restful.... even though I imagine it might not be at all times?

  9. Beautiful roses! What a wonderful welcome. How old are they and what zone are they? I agree with Lauren your photos are excellent and your world looks peaceful. I appreciate being able to visit.

  10. BBBB,
    I planted these roses last spring. In fact last spring we built the entire garden. I'm really happy with how they came back. We are in zone 7 here in Oklahoma but I think they are zone 5-8.
    What on earth gave you the idea that it is restful around here? I am glad that it looks that way even though most nights we drop into bed dead tired. I do try to keep it tidy.
    So glad you like it! I love your chicken drawings!

  11. Beautiful! I enjoy reading about life at the red farm house and thank you for posting! You have excellent taste and such a beautiful home, family and animals!
    Kingsland, GA


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