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Outback's blue cheese wedge salad

Have you ever had it?  It's wonderful!  I had a little taste of my husband's a few weeks ago and the next day, I had to have more. So we figured out how to make it at home.  I have made it several times since then.  You've gotta try this one!

wedges of iceberg lettuce
bacon pieces
chopped red onion
crumbled blue cheese ~ the more the better
sea salt
and for the dressing...
balsalmic vinegar mixed with lots of sugar

Careful, this one's addictive as well as pretty! Pair it with chicken on the barbie and you've got yourself a great spring meal.

I also tried a copy cat recipe of their Brown Bread.  It was good but not the real deal.  I'll have to work on that one.

"Let's stay Inback tonight."


  1. Any thing with blue cheese is what I choose, the salad and bread look perfect! ;D

  2. A BLT with a twist. Looks really good too!

  3. Yum yum! I love Springtime, when suddenly your meals start to switch from hot to cold. This salad sounds refreshing--will try soon!

  4. I haven't had the salad at Outbacks, but your version sure looks good.

  5. Thank you, Kim, here is another wonderful salad for us to try! Thanks for printing it! I love your blog.

  6. Since you posted this, I decided my husband and I should go out to Outback that very evening, and we both had the wedge salad. YUM!! What an awesome recommendation! I'll definitely try making it at home.


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