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Saturday Evening Post

A glimpse into the lives of the people who live in the Little Red Farmhouse. Sort of like eves dropping. It will be a quote or conversation. It may be funny. It may be sweet. Maybe a little sad. But it will always be true. We'll see if it resonates with you.

This week at the dinner table:
Youngest brother: "What are these little bubbles in my soup."
Mom: "That's the oil from the chicken.  You know, water and oil don't mix, right?"
Science geek brother: "Would you like me to explain exactly why?"
Middle brother: "Please, no."
Mom (knowing that this will be a very detailed and drawn out explanation): "I'm satisfied to know simply that they don't mix."
Science geek: "Uneducated simpletons."

*I have taught him everything I know and now he knows more than me.  Ugh!*


  1. Too funny!!! Already well on his way to scientific superiority! :)

  2. Funny ;-)
    I hope you have a blessed Easter Sunday


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