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Storey's Guide to Raising Everything

We don't have pretty coffee table books in our farmhouse.  What we have is a basket full of Storey's.

Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens
and Beef Cattle
and Pigs
and, well, everything!

If you have farm animals and you haven't discovered these books, I just don't know how you have done it.  They are a great reference for us newby farm people.  They cover all the basics plus a little more.
And they are fun to read ~ if you like farm animals, that is.

Right now, on my bedside table you'll find Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats.

You might even consider it a romance if you are deciding which doe gets the handsome buck. ;)


  1. Now that's bedtime story with a difference!

    And I'm off to have a look on Amazon - for chickens and cows (all in the anticipation of their coming my way sometime this year :)

    We've got the puppy (have you seen him on my blog? Cute, cute, cute!), so now we aim for the ones that will actually give us something back (apart from love, which puppy has in abundance) x

  2. I just re-read part of my comment.... I'd like to reassure you all that I'm not going to look on Amazon for cows and chickens!!!! Just for the book about them.... Note to self: read comments before posting. Gulp!

  3. Love to follow your blog! I was searching one day for "sick baby calves" on the internet and your blog popped up! Funny...we're both from Oklahoma!! :) Isn't farm livin' the best! We were up at 3:30am this morning getting half the herd of cattle out of our yard! Nothing like waking up to Moo's right out your bedroom window and you wonder if your dreaming or if it's the real deal! More of that on my blog I'm off to do more calf sorting!!

  4. Hi Kim!
    These look like good books...I'll have to look them up. I have books on chickens but if we're going to get goats one day I think this is something that I need. Thanks for mentioning them! I hope your weekend was a good one ...and have a great week!
    Maura :)

  5. I have read many of them and learned so much! It was a necessity starting out. Now I feel like I could write my own. Or not.

  6. I Need the chicken Issue!.... I'll have to look for it.

  7. I got two rabbits for Easter one year and I bought one of those books because I didn't know too much about them. Great books for a practical approach to raising animals.

  8. my copy of Dairy Goats came in the mail this week and I think I already read the whole book through once! I borrowed Storey's guide to pigs from the library... Love the whole series!

  9. Thank you for this post!! I couldn't for the life of me remember the name of this book and I knew I had seen it on your blog :)


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