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Cowgirl hat

My first one.  Yes, I have lived in Oklahoma practically my whole life.  And no, I have never had a cowboy hat.  Hard to believe, huh?
It was a big booted step for this new cowgirl to take.

I really like it though.  It makes me smile.
And I really needed something that would shade my face when I'm out working with my horse, Bobbie.  You know, sun and wrinkles...but let's not talk about that!

On a serious note, I have to mention the young man that helped me with this hat at the western store yesterday. While he was fitting my cowboy hat I noticed a bracelet he was wearing. It had "never forget" and "Sgt. _____" on it. I asked him if he served in the military. "Yes, maam," he said proudly. He then went on to tell me he and his best friend were first responders, that he served two tours, and that he had been home several years (that means Iraq). But his friend that he served with did not make it home. The hurt was so evident in his eyes as he spoke with me. The mom in me wanted to reach over the counter and hug him and tell him it will be ok but I know that kind of pain can never go away. This morning I read about Osama Bin Laden's death and I wondered how he feels about it. Ironic, yesterday was the first day he wore that bracelet. I've been praying for Jason today.


  1. oh, that touches my heart. i have a hard time celebrating a death - even bin ladens. but if i had lost someone dear in 9/11 or in the ensuing war on terror following it, perhaps i would find some comfort, knowing he was found. jason, you and your comrades, past and present, are in our thoughts.

  2. First of all, I love the hat and you look so cute in it. I love mine as we ride it really is a good protection.
    Sad about the young man..there are so many. I know a Jason who just lost both of his legs there...I don't know how they go on. God bless we turn and bless Him. :D

  3. awh how sweet. but the letters were really small so i had a terrible time reading it... or i'm just getting old... Well anyway i had to read your post because i just bought my best friends little girl a cowboy hat today!


  4. Hi Kim,
    What a touching heart goes out to the young fellow. I'm sure he was very happy to see the news today...not that we want to see anyone die but justice was finally served. I LOVE your suits you and they sure come in handy to keep that sun off our faces. I haven't had a 'real' cowboy hat for years but if I end up with another horse I'll get one for sure! I hope you got some rain this past weekend..we didn't get much other than about 1/8 inch if that. With high winds on Friday it was like the 'dirty thirties' here in our part of Kansas! Have fun with your horse...and enjoy your new hat.
    Maura :)

  5. I love the hat. Very sharp. As for the story... My brother served in Iraq. What happened when he returned due to post traumatic stress ended up turning into the worst nightmare my family could imagine. My heart goes out to the young man. What happened overseas does not stay overseas. I have the utmost respect for our troops, they truly sacrifice for our country.

  6. Leontien ~ changed the small font. I didn't realize it would be so small.
    Maura ~ we have gotten 1 1/2 inches over the last week. Such a blessing. Hope you all get more and soon!
    BBB&B ~ so sorry about your brother. We try to tell our boys the reality of war because they tend to have distorted views via movies & games. It's so sad what those soldier have to endure. I'll pray for your family too.

  7. Great hat! I feel bad for that poor young man and anyone who has had such a loss.

  8. Lovely hat on you! You look like a real cowgirl now..and wrinkle free! I think God has perfect timing and sent you into that young man's life at just the right pray for him today. I'm so glad you were listening.

  9. Nice hat! I have a hat from when I lived in Texas, but I never wear it now.

  10. You look GREAT in a cowboy hat! I've got two myself (one's for show though)and I really want to wear it more when i ride but I'm in the helmet habit! Something about wearing a cowboy hat when you ride really makes you feel like a cowgirl!!
    devon :)

  11. Love it! You are a real cowgirl now!


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