Iris in a milk bottle

My middle son brought this iris to me this week as an early Mother's Day gift.

It didn't come from my garden.  I'm sure it was Papaw's idea for him to pick it for me but it was very sweet.

I love the unusual rusty color.

And what better thing to put it in than an old milk bottle.

The bonus came later with some bulbs of this very flower.
Next year, I'll have them in my garden.


  1. Love old milk bottles and ball jars for flowers!.. and the color of the iris is beautiful..

  2. That's a beautiful flower. I think the milk bottle is the perfect "vase" for it, too.

  3. that's awesome! love the simple things!

  4. How pretty! Your son sounds very sweet!

  5. What a different colored Iris! How sweet that your son picked this for you and even if Papaw made the sweet of him too. I think it's these beautiful unexpected acts that are so special. I hope you're getting some rain down there in Oklahoma...we're sure in a drought up here in south central Kansas with a temp of 103 today and windy. Stay cool!
    Maura :)


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