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Our boys are ranchin'

Last week was our first week of summer break from school.  You would have thought that would be relaxing ~ sleeping late, lazy afternoons.  But our boys had different plans. 

heifers being transported after sale

Almost a year ago, our boys were given three calves to raise by their Papaw (who lives in next door in the blue house).  A few weeks ago, the heifers were sold "on the hoof" at a very good price.  Having a fistful of money and seeing future $ signs, our guys decided they should reinvest that money in more calves.  The only problem ~ we didn't have enough land to support more animals.

However, the boys made an agreement with the owner of the property behind us to run cattle there.  It's 17 acres with a 4 acre pond.  First, it needs some clean up and the fence needs fixing.  Off to work they go...
clearing brush and small trees

digging post holes

finishing off the holes

Up at 6 and out the door at 7.  Working 10 hours a day.  Covered in poison ivy from clearing brush.  Sinking posts and stretching barbed wire.  Not complaining.  Well, a little complaining from our youngest.  They really want to do this!  Their dreams of running cattle together just started last week.

A new stretch of fence across part of the pond.
The pond is low right now.

Their efforts are being blessed.  The owner's son is working with them and teaching them how to build a barbed wire fence. A rancher nearby has blessed them with 80 t-posts and a roll of barbed wire for free.  He is going to let them pick out their cattle from his herd and deliver them when they are ready.  He has also offered to bail the grass for them this summer for winter feeding.  It seems that older people like seeing younger people who aren't afraid of work.

As parents, we are just standing back amazed.  We knew they had it in them.  We just didn't know that they knew it.

So, the Rockin' 3 J Ranch is born.  Three brothers working together to raise Black Angus Beef.  A small operation for now.  But it's a start and it will be a learning experience for them for sure.


  1. oh how awesome! i LOVE how the neighbors are being so supportive! such a great endeavor!

  2. AWESOME!!! I'm so proud of your boys and I don't even know them! WAY TO GO!!!!

  3. That's great to see young people have a vision and actually do something to make it happen! Sounds like you have great neighbors too!

    Tip for poison ivy... combine 1 tsp. Tea Tree Oil and 1/8 cup Almond Oil. Apply to affected areas with cotton ball. Helps relieve the itch!

  4. Oh, that is absolutely wonderful. What a joy to see kids working like that. I'm not surprised others want to help - their enthusiasm will bring real joy.
    Fantastic x

  5. How wonderful! I can't wait to see pictures of their cattle!

  6. You must be really proud of them. I know how amazing it is when my 4 girls work together. Determination is an awesome thing. I think adults are so surprised when they see a good work ethic that they want to support it.I don't know about your area, but here we have lots of people who'd rather not break a sweat! Go for it boys!!! Yay!!

  7. i wanted to let you know i gave you a blogger award today! please come by and pick it up when you have a chance (if you accept them, that is!)

  8. I love this.
    It brings a tear to my eyes as I read what wonderful boys you have raised,true cowboys down to the boots and hats!
    good on you.

  9. How wonderful to see your boys working outside and enjoying the fresh air! So much healthier than sitting inside playing video games all day! You must be so proud of them!


  10. How great is that? You should be proud of such hardworking boys! We are on our final week of school till summer break...can't wait!

  11. You and your husband should be proud to have raised such wonderful young men. You are truly blessed.

  12. I love this story! I know you and your hubby are proud!

  13. I am very happy for you! One it is good to know that you have hardworking forethinking kids. Two you have grand neighbors willing to share their experience! What a wonderful story. Good luck. Can't wait to see how the operation goes and grows.

  14. Congrats to your boys on their hard work. It's wonderful that you and your neighbors are supporting our next generation of ranchers.
    Thanks to Texwisgirl this is my first visit here, great blog. I love Jane Austen and aprons too :)

  15. What an amazing testament to the type of boys you have raised. I'm looking forward to hearing more about the boys' ranching efforts. Saying a prayer, too, for all of you in the Midwest who have dealt with such devastation recently.

  16. How neat! Great photos and words.

  17. I think I have a good-looking daughter who might want to check out these cutie hard-working country boys. Watch out though, she can throw a mean bale of hay!!


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