White paint

Finally, everything intended to be white on this farm is white ~
 the milking shed, the hitching post, the buck house, the chicken coop, the pig house {wait, it was white for only 30 minutes when they smeared it with mud, but let's not talk about that.  It upsets me.}  the mile of fence, and now the horse shelters.

Monday, I spent spraying 17 gallons of white paint on the horse shelters.  At least a gallon of that paint was on me.  This morning I had a little itch in my ear.  The next thing I knew my finger was covered with little specks of paint ~ lots of them.  Horrified, I remembered I went to the doctor yesterday and he looked in my ears! Oh, my.

On the bright side, the shelters are practically glowing in the sun this morning.  I like them so much better now.  We are ready for metal roofing on all the new animal houses.

But I'm not finished painting yet.  I have another project and it won't be white!

Just look at those...

country redwood
philipsburg blue
fairmont green
stuart gold
florida keys blue
pumpkin cream
and autumn purple

Oh, they tickle me pink.
Can't wait to show you when I'm done!


  1. Kim I am cracking up with all that white.It looks awesome...but with the red soil of Oklahoma..and the white out blizzards you can have..how will you see your property line...lol

    Great work..been there with the paint in my hair and ears...argh.Looking forward to which color you pick for the roofing. Love that aqua one.

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. Oh no, the roofing will match the burnished slate roof of our houses just like on the chicken coop. This is another project completely and all colors will be used.

  3. Everything looks stunning - it is almost blinding!
    LOL about the paint in your ears - I've had similar experiences - oh, how embarrassing!

  4. Nothing feels so great as the look of fresh paint! I can't wait to see what you are up to next! ;D

  5. laughing at you wearing paint inside your ears for the doc! :)

  6. Love the Country Redwood, and the Philipsburg Blue, ( the darker blue ), Country Redwood is that the color of your house , I like it alot, I cant wait to see what your doing next, it will be beautiful, I know.

  7. You've been BUSY!!! Ask me how much I hate paint'n fence. Your place looks great.. looking forward to whatever it is you're painting those great colors.

  8. Nothing like a good white wash and you must be very good at spraying by now. Can't wait to hear about your next project. Love the colors.

  9. I'm on the seat of my chair to see what you painted all those interesting colors! Hurry, get out and paint so we can see the results!

  10. The farm looks so inviting, the white fences and horse shelters look pristine.
    It reminds me of Churchiil Downs at the Kentucky Derby.

  11. Looks so pristine..funny comment about the snow..I wonder how you'll know where they all are..you'll have to put red flags up or something..lol!

  12. Well I can't wait to see what this new project will be. The shelters look great!


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