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Knee deep in beets

Yesterday was a pickled beet day.  Lots of beets!

Pulling, cleaning, trimming, cooking, pickling, & processing.
They are all harvested and canned.  12 quarts + 13 pints!

Thank goodness, no more beets til next year.
I must really love my husband.


  1. yuck! we grew and pickled them when i was a kid. cannot eat another beet ever again...

  2. Your canned beets look beautiful -- I would enter them in the fair :-) I can't believe you are harvesting beets already! My seedlings aren't even up!

  3. LOL I know what you are talking about...I did them for years, messy little delicious buggers! Yours look beautiful! :D

  4. How do you know when the beets are ready to pick? Is there a secret to it? I'm growing beets but I have no clue when to harvest.

  5. Lisa,
    They will start sticking up out of the ground kind of like onions when they get big or you can dig around them to get an idea of how big they are. I prefer them to be half the size of the ones in the photo above but they just got away from me this year. There were just so many I knew it would take all day. And it did.
    You can pick good looking greens from them to cook along the way ~ a leaf here and a leaf there. Just boil or cook them in a little oil like fresh spinach.
    Texwis girl,
    My hubby said no bad mouthing beets on this blog! Haha! I don't want to smell any for a while after yesterday's canning.

  6. Pickled beets are the best! I don't know of another canned vegetable that can rival the beet.

    By the way, thanks for working so hard. Love you! Hubby

    PS: no bad mouthing my beets.

  7. I can't believe your beets are at this stage! My seedlings are still waiting to go into the ground :(
    (Have to be honest, I wouldn't have them for myself, but hubby is looking forward to them pickled.... so we're in the same boat!)

    ...except that I haven't a clue how to pickle them - I'll have to drop you a line for some advice when the time comes ;)

  8. Mmmm... I love fresh beets. We have tried a few different varieties in our garden, but only enough to eat right at the time. We didn't plant any this year because of the move. Maybe next year I'll plant more and try canning them....but, it sure sounds like you did a lot of work - maybe I won't want to be that ambitious! The jars look really pretty. I'd call that a good day's work!

  9. Sorry Wayne ~ I just don't have much to say about beets. My mother in law used to make beet soup and it just turned my stomach every time. Don't get me wrong, I do find beauty, however, in a raw beet. The pictures are really pretty of your canning job. I know you are glad thats over with. Debi

  10. Your beets look great! We didn't have any luck with beets this year. Did you cook the beet greens? They're good for you!

  11. Wow! Those look wonderful!!!
    Sadly, like someone else mentioned, mine are still waiting to get into the ground ;)

  12. Hi Kim, I'm a little bit south of you, just across the Red River. We did our beets a couple of weeks ago...the first time I have canned beets....not quite as many as you though. This week it's squash relish and zucchini pickles.

  13. I am an envious. Up here in MN it will be a while before the beets are ready. Mine have only been in the ground for 2 weeks. I LOVE fresh beets. I will never bad mouth a beet.

  14. Yep, you really must love him!!!

    They look really good by the way! That's why i don't show them to my hubby.... ;-)


  15. looks like a good project to have completed! And when it is cold and yucky again, your hubby will be so happy! I think I could even eat some of those

  16. Your beets look great! Ours aren't ready yet here. The only thing I've done so far this year is 50+ half-pints of strawberry-banana jam. And I keep hearing "....and its only just begun" over and over in my head ;)


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