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Lovely lillies

As my flower garden blooms into it's second summer, I am discovering the joy of day lillies.  Last year, my friend, Alice, brought me lily bulbs to plant.  Not knowing what they all were, I scattered them here and there. 

This one has little ruffled petals.
It's June ~ lily month here ~ and they are blooming!

Red ~ what can be better?
I have no idea what their names are but it's been so delightful to discover a new variety every few days.

I just love this one!
Most days, I'm out in my pajamas, coffee in hand, checking to see if another one has bloomed.

Each day holds it's own lovely lily surprise.

I wonder what this one will look like.
My garden is just beginning. If you want to see a beautiful cottage garden stroll over to Alice's.  It's amazing!


  1. Isn't it the best to stroll through your gardens in your pj's with coffee in the morning!

  2. Very pretty they are..someone told me that they will bloom again if you deadhead them. Come say hi sometime, :D

  3. I LOVE day lillies! They have a special meaning for me because my mom bought me a package of bulbs before she died. I left them unplanted in my porch for a few years. The bulbs looked horrible, but I planted them because I couldn't bring myself to throw them out. The next year I had a lovely gift when they all bloomed and I felt like my mom was watching!

  4. Looks like it was a good thing to have planted them separately. Sometimes if they are mixed together one variety will choke out a weaker one.

  5. I love day lilies! Your flower garden is beautiful!

  6. Oh, I'm with you! PJ's, my wooly robe, and coffee as I tour the garden. The daylilies are wonderful. Everything looks great, thanks for the tour.

  7. Lovely! I think i have lilies coming up. But since I didn't plant them and we moved here in January-everything is a mystery and a wonderful surprise.

  8. My fave is the top one with it's unusual combination of green and pink petals! (They are all amazing though).

  9. Kim thanks for y our comments about steak. I'm making a change to my blog and if you would like to continue to follow along please visit - my new url. Thanks, and I am very jealous of your green thumb!


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