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Cracking the books

School is a month away but before my boys crack the books, I have to crack them first.  I love long breaks from homeschooling so I put off organizing until I feel like I need to do it.  That date seems to get later each year.  I guess after twelve years of homeschooling that's understandable.  Actually, after twelve years it's lots easier.

The last few days have been spent planning and shopping for homeschooling.  This year we will have a Senior.  Not only is that exciting for him but it's exciting for me.  Almost like I'm going to graduate too!
K-12 ~ yea ~ been there, done that ~ homeschooling that is.

There's lots to cover along the way.  No one wants our kids to succeed more than we do so covering the basics (Grammar, Spelling, Math) is a must.  But their are so many choices out there to suit different kids and their learning styles. 

When faced with many choices, we try to tailor the subject to the student.  For instance, our youngest hates gross things, bloody things, & body things but he is interested in growing things and is curious about how to produce a new species of lily.  So, Botany is the science for him this year and Anatomy can wait.  In a couple of years it might be different.  I find it's easier to teach when the student wants to learn the subject.  It makes for a happier homeschool and definitely a happier homeschool mom!

I need a few more days filled with planning, shopping, organizing the bookshelves, and updating records.  When August rolls around we'll be ready to crack the books together.  Until then, I will just have to hide a few of them so they don't start without me.  Really, I do!  It happens every year.

"Hey, come back here with that school book."


  1. Oh you're so organized! I still have to send for my books - and they're coming from the US, so delivery will take a while.

    Myself and the girls plan to sit down next Monday and finalize the orders and plans.

    Oh, and I know what you mean about them grabbing the books, and then you're playing 'catch-up'!

    Happy schooling when the time comes :)

  2. I am doing the very same thing around here. I have been selling old books on ebay and ordering and getting out new ones. We also have another senior this year and it is oh so bitter sweet. I will only have one left at home after she graduates. I pray that you have a great school year!!!

  3. We are getting in back to school mode here too. New backpack ordered, school clothes shopping begun. We aren't homeschooling so I can't imagine how that adds to the back to school craziness!

  4. You really are about the most organized person I know. It must feel very satisfyingly to be ahead of the game. Nothing more motivating than doing something for the good of your kids though is there?

  5. So wanted to read your entry on "google comments" but couldn't find it on here! Wait, is this thing ACTUALLY going to let me leave a comment this time? Maybe I can go through and find the entries of yours that I tried to comment on the last 3 times and couldn't!!
    Anyway, enjoy reading your blog!

  6. I considered homeschooling... but we needed the salary that I earned teaching other families' kids! But, about this time, I'd also be planning for the upcoming school year. Have fun!

    Do you try to integrate the curricula for all of the kids so they have similar topics on their own level? Or, do State tests mandate that you stick to a specific curriculum?

  7. It's great to hear that they are always so eager to attack the books!

  8. Oh, please know that getting prepared for homeschool does NOT include shopping for clothes, backpacks, or boxes of kleenex for the teacher. I make one list and that's what we get.

    We do try to combine subject when we can ~ Grammar & History for the younger two now. That gets harder to do as they get older though.

    Oh, and most homeschool moms around here do this planning in May so I am not organized or ahead of the game by any means.

  9. I've been thinking, planning and preparing for our upcoming homeschool year, too. I also have a senior this year! :) I'm excited for her, but I already have the 'empty nest' blues or sad feeling everytime I think about her going off to college in a couple years.

  10. For those thinking of college, NC has SO many. I would be glad to be a host MOM for any of you, especially if their coming from a farm. They might feel like they never left home!! I'm sure you all know about our Duke/UNC reputation! Best of luck home schooling this year. You sound like you have a great plan. Debi

  11. We are planning on starting school in a few weeks, so I'm deep in last minute organizing, too! I also have to hide books and seriously threaten punishment if my little guy sneaks a book from the pile! =)

  12. you are so awesome to homeschool...


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