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Light the night

with stairway lights.

It's funny that we would be concerned with lighting the stairs and we don't even have a railing.  But when we built our home, we felt it was a necessary farmhouse feature.  At least I felt they were needed since I have a tendency toward clumsiness.

They were purchased at a lighting store as "stairway lights".  Really they are small recepticals for nightlight sized light bulbs that have small slots which direct the light downward.  They are not bright however they are just enough to make it up and down the stairs after dark.  A two way switch upstairs and down allow us to turn them on/off in either place.

If you are going to have stairs, they are a very good thing.


  1. That's a neat feature! My kids would leave them on all the time!lol

  2. We've got stair lights! My daughter says they remind her of movie theater lights!

  3. very good idea...much like the lights at movie theaters i think. will keep this in mind :)

  4. A very good idea, says this clummsy person. They look good too.

  5. Hi Kim..very practical indeed..although I don't know how practical stairs without rails would be for me!

  6. Hi Kim...what a great idea! Now we just need a second story so we could enjoy them ;) I hope you're not melting down there...we sure are up here.
    Maura :)


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