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Necessary Room Remix

Our powder bath.  Well, I wouldn't really call it that.  There is no mirror to powder your nose.
And no sink.  It's right outside the door in the mudroom for multi purpose use.

So what do you call a room with just a toilet?
We call it necessary when we need to run in from outside on the farm.

Anyway, I gave it a little spruce up, farmhouse style.

a John Deere can

my husband's toy tractor from childhood

a "fresh eggs" sign I made a few weeks ago

and the egg basket
I tell you I have found lots of uses for this basket!

My favorite is still the vintage "eye" sign.

My farmhouse style is basically this:
Old things
New things that look old
Farm things
Not too many things.


  1. I love your adorable but minimalist style. It truly is my very favorite style... and I like all kinds of things. But the simplicity and warmth of your decor is most inviting. Great redo!

    You might call it "Les toilettes" like in France. :)

  2. Love the use of the egg basket. Could you please teach me your minimalist style? that is what I need in my little cottage.

  3. love it, great job!!! i'm gonna need to get some of those baskets :)

  4. Now that would be handy..especially living in the country where you often come in dirty. Love your 'farmhouse' style...a little new a little vintage and a little old. Perfect!
    Maura :)

  5. haha why would you want somebody 'eyeing' when you go to the bathroom????

    Als least when your hubby has to go he can look him in the eye!?

    Thanks for the laugh!

  6. I like your style and I like your necessary room.

  7. I like what you did, especially upcycling the egg basket! We too have an "odd" bathroom ~ it's sandwiched between our foyer and laundry room! Goofy but we make it work:)


  8. I like your style. And I would call that room the Necessary room.

  9. My husband would call it "the office". Debi

  10. Haha, love it! Ever feel you're being watched?!

  11. Love the decorations, but I have to admit..the eyeball gives me with willies! LOL

  12. I love it! What a delight to have hubby's tractor from his childhood.

    (I think the 'eye' might be a bit off-putting whilst sitting on the pan, though!)

  13. I believe you have what in England is referred to as a Water Closet. There is quite a hilarious and charming little story floating around called "The Story of The WC". Google it when you need a good laugh. It is good clean humor. You have a charming house and such a fresh style.


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