One of those days

You know the ones ~ THOSE days.  We all have them from time to time.  Yesterday it was our time, I guess.  They always come in threes ~ three things that happen ~ not three days.  I hope!

So just so you know we have "those" days at the Red Farmhouse too, here goes...

  1. Round pen gate gets caught on the tractor and is ripped off.  We'll switch the latch to the other side and repair the post rather than pull it but we'll need supplies.
  2. Buying supplies at Home Depot when you realize you have no way to pay.  Wife didn't bring her purse. Husband didn't bring his wallet. Five people in line behind you on a Saturday.  Nice.
  3. Call son to bring wallet.  When he is on his way back home, the car overheats.  Three kids on the side of the road.  Great!  Get it back home but not up driveway and pop the hood.  Mechanics didn't tighten the hoses to the water pump when it was serviced last week.  They towed it ~ no charge ~ no kidding.
  4. Seriously, what else can happen?  Go inside, sit down and call it a day.  I think they come in threes because by the time you get to three, that is exactly what you do.  Short of falling out of your chair, nothing can happen.


  1. a great big UGH on your behalf!

  2. And... on top of all of this, was it unbearably hot?!!

  3. You definitely had your share. Hope your week will be smooth sailing. Deb

  4. I'm so sorry, but at your expense I got a chuckle this morning. Here's to a new day and no more mishaps!

  5. Whoops you caught our Brewer sorry I didn't know we were

    Hugs and the curse doesn't last long..just smile..and sometimes laugh later on..and all will be better.

    Cindy (Brewer) from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  6. Laughing...And if you DO fall out of your chair, at least you don't have too far to fall.

    (I've been watching my engine temperature on my drive home lately too...)

  7. what a day....came to visit from Texwisgirl....

  8. isn't it "funny" how things like that happen in 3's??!!

    glad that day is over for y'all! :)

  9. Well atleast you got it over with!

  10. I'm having one of those....... ugh! Sorry you're having a bad day , those stink!

  11. Oh goodness. Ugh. Poor you!

    Here's my "threes" list from last week.

    1. Take son in for emergency surgery on his appendix.
    2. Fall sick in same hospital with liver infection, putting both of us in the hospital at the same time.
    3. Receive call from summer camp saying there has been an outbreak of lice where your daughter is staying.

    And then realize just how many endless possibilities of things can happen to you in a single day, shutter, and try NOT to think about it! :D

    Love this post.

  12. UGH! Oh that moment I realize I forgot my wallet..I am mortified every single time (and yet I keep doing it!).

    Here's to easier days ahead!

  13. I feel your pain - I had one of these days yesterday!

    Rule #1 - never ask what else can happen ;)

  14. Oh, my, Kim. I hope today was a wonderful trouble free day


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