It's been a long time coming ~ 8 months, in fact.  We have been "in training" and still are but Wayne and I have met the goal of riding our own horses.  While learning groundwork, we have also been taking riding lessons. Today, with the go ahead from our trainer, we rode our own horses.

We are riding only the mares for now.  They are more experienced and have settled down and listen carefully to us.

The last time we rode these girls, Wayne couldn't get D to stand still enough to dismount.  She was so scared and flighty it took almost an hour.  And Bobbi just went where she wanted to go, totally disregarding what I was asking her to do.

What a difference!  It was a very rewarding morning. The horses walked and trotted calmly with all of us taking turns.

Mostly we worked on the one rein stop.  That's the same as flexing a horse's neck only from the saddle and it serves as emergency brake since a horse can't move forward when it's neck is turned around. 

Walk...one rein stop...flex to other side...pause...repeat.

"Do it a thousand times and then do it again."

We did some trotting too in the same manner.

It may seem like a little thing to someone who rides all the time but for these novice horse people it was wonderful.  Riding ~ in control, confident, and calm is fun riding!


  1. oh congrats! that's awesome!!! your training is paying off in spades!

  2. My Allyson and I have enjoyed looking at your horse photos. We think this is all very intersting for the boys and all. Looks like you are getting the hang of it. Debi

  3. You are on your way to an enjoyable hobby. I truly miss riding.

  4. Some day....
    Nice looking horses. Glad you are enjoying them.

  5. I love that "do it a thousand times and then do it again".

  6. I love the great big sky - such freedom.

  7. Your horses are beautiful and they look like they were very responsive to their riders. Congrats! I like that you are taking the time to ride as safely as you can. All those little steps (all of those 1000 times) will add up to lots of great fun!

  8. What a happy day. Looking good!!

  9. It sounds as if you were beginner riders who bought green horses?.. that's a tough combination to get started.. but! - you did everything right with a trainer and riding lessons. They are beautiful horses and great to see how well you've done.

  10. I trained my own horses, and learned to ride at the same time it was interesting.It pays off,you look really good on those horses. Keep up the good work,

    (I am in love with your little Paint)

  11. So happy I discovered your blog (from you finding mine)! We appear to have much in common (new lives in the country, love of aprons, etc.) and I'm looking forward to following your future posts!

    With a smile,

  12. Oh what a wonderful pastime and so much nicer when the horses listen to your commands. Reading your post has made me realize how much I miss having horses and riding. I took Western Pleasure classes over 20 years ago and they were worth every penny. Not only did my horse improve but I learned so much...things I thought I already knew. Have fun with your horses and your lessons!
    Maura :)


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