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Saturday Evening Post

A glimpse into the lives of the people who live in the Little Red Farmhouse. Sort of like eves dropping. It will be a quote or conversation. It may be funny. It may be sweet. Maybe a little sad. But it will always be true. We'll see if it resonates with you.

Man of the house who hates crusty edges of all baked goods and loves gooey middles instead and whom frequently gets "what's left" because we have three hungry boys in the house:
"I claim all center cinnamon rolls from here on out.  Unless otherwise posted, they are mine."


  1. oh, i love it! that's putting his foot down! :)

  2. Good for him! (That is the best part!)

  3. We'll see how well that works ;)

    I like the crusty outsides best!

  4. I have always liked the ones in the center best too! Frankly, with my crew, I consider myself lucky to get any of them!


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