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Bobbi girl

"Farm Animal Friday" is going to be a new feature here at the Red Farmhouse.  I thought it might be fun to introduce you to some of the farm animals so you can get to know them on a more personal basis.  Join me on Fridays to meet and greet them one at a time. We'll start with the horses.

First up is Bobbi Girl, my horse.

Bobbi is an 11 year old paint.  She's only a paint because of the white spot on her belly otherwise she would be a quarter horse.  A cutting horse in her younger days, now she prefers lazy days.

She was stalled and penned her whole life until coming to the farm.  Consequently, when she first arrived we didn't see her head for several weeks because it was buried in the thick bermuda grass.  Her main goal in life continues to be weight gain.  Evidence of eating enjoyment is seen around the middle (kind of like her owner).

Bobbi is a "babysitter" horse and will lead children and novices around with the greatest of care.  My issues with her began when I started telling her what to do.  She didn't appreciate that.  You see, she has always been the alpha horse which means she's pretty bossy (again, kind of like her owner).  She likes for things to be her idea.  She's doing much better listening now.

When Red joined the pasture last fall, the queen was dethroned.  She spent the next 24 hours on a hunger strike motionless out in the pasture.  We thought she had colic but she was just pouting! The up side is now that she isn't responsible for the herd, she has even more time to eat.  I think she's ok with the situation now.

She's been pretty patient with me during groundwork training.  She doesn't get in a hurry and I'm fine with that.  I have no desire to go any faster than her gentle "rocking horse" lope.

She loves to be groomed and stands still while I braid her tail.  Girls & horses & braids go together ~ she and I whole heartily agree on that!  We agree that she looks great in pink too.

And the other thing that makes Bobbi really special is her one blue eye.  It's beautiful!

Next Friday, meet D, Bobbi's best friend.  She's a Doll ~ literally.

Farmchicks Farm Photo Friday


  1. Hi Bobbi! Nice to meet you!! I like to eat too! :)

  2. Great photos....thanks so much for linking up!! :)

  3. Bobbi sounds like a great horse! It's pretty cool how much you gals are alike!

    Nice to meet you Bobbi!

  4. I like bobbie; I think you two are a good fit.

  5. What a joyous place you have created here!
    "girls & horses & braids go together" brings back great memories for me. Bobbi reminds me of my Welsh pony, Jiggs!
    I will be back!

  6. I'll take a Bobbi, please! If I could add one little detail to my li'l donkeys.. it would be "braidable" tails :) -Tammy

  7. I love your blog. I too have a horse (well, he is on is way) and my girls and I can't wait to ride. Can't wait to meet all the animals! :)


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