Changing faces on the farm

Decisions on a farm are hard sometimes especially when the decisions involve changing faces ~ faces of the animals, that is.

Through the process of trying to breed my goats (before they were ready), I have had the nagging feeling that time would be an issue when it came to milking.  And so I made a tearful decision
~ to sell them.

I love these little goats and I would like to keep them as pets.  However their breeding lines are too good for that.  They deserve to do what they were intended to do ~ milk.  And so they are leaving. 

This little cutie is the one we are all having a hard time parting with.

Little Joe is already in Texas getting to know his new group of girlfriends.  Cream will be going to Ohio this week.  And the girls will be boarded for a month and then take a trip to their new home in Tennessee.  I'm really happy with the people they are going to.  Still, it's hard to let go.  I know it was the right decision but it sure wasn't the popular decision here on the farm.

There will be another kind of animal that will be added soon.  One that we have been thinking about since before we built the farmhouse.  And along with them, we will focus our farm in a new direction.


  1. That is sad that those darling little buddies are leaving (little joe looks so earnest!), but so so exciting that you guys are FINALLY getting those camels!! I knew you wouldn't be able to wait much longer :)

  2. What? No goats...were they hard to care for or is it the twice a day milking schedule? Please tell...I have been asking my husband for goats for over a year.


  3. do I see alpacas or llamas in your future?! They are awesome, I have both!

  4. Ooh...keeping us in suspense I see. Can't wait.
    I like surprises! :)

  5. Hi,Oh so pretty! I would have to keep at least one of them for a pet. I am teased all the time though and called a critter lover. Have a nice day...

  6. It appears you had no trouble selling them. Great. :-)

  7. you gotta do what you feel is the best even though it's hard...and i do know how hard it is to say goodbye to adorable goats.

    can't wait to hear what the next adventure is!

  8. oh, that must be so hard!!! and you're teasing us, for sure!

  9. Sounds like a case of terrible separation anxiety. If you just wouldn't get such darn cute little farm animals I wouldn't be so sad. Goodbye little black goat.

  10. You guys are funny ~ alpacas, camels! We aren't getting anything that spits! We already have cattle. We are moving in the meat direction ~ beef, pork, & ____.
    More details to come.
    One more little goat leaves today.

  11. Are you getting meat goats? Hope your next livestock adventure brings you lots of joy as well.

  12. I had goat mile for years growing mom and sister hand milked her morning and night. And it was time consuming... I can't wait to find out what direction the farm will be going...


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