County fair ribbons

one of the handsome roosters at the fair

Three of us entered items in the county fair this year. 
We've never even been to a county fair before! 
Talk about fun.

Jonah entered a wood turned pen he made on his lathe.
It has a crusaders cross on it.

It won 1st place in 13-18 wood crafts.

Jared got 2nd place with his pickled okra

not only 1st place on his amazing cinnamon rolls

but Best Baked Goods in the Junior Division!

I entered Pickled Beets and got 2nd

3rd with a dozen eggs.

This was a great first county fair experience.
Next year I'm taking a chicken!

{Update - Sunday, August 28th}
We went back last night to pick up our items at the fair (in the midst of rodeo)
and Jared had this huge trophy waiting for him!

Good job, baker boy!



  1. Way to go! Those are great placements for first timers!

  2. wow! those are awesome results! great job, all of you!

  3. Everything looks great! Glad you had fun! Looking at your post below I promise you will enjoy a clothesline. I love mine.

  4. A family of winners! Sounds like great fun. For sure take a chicken next year.

  5. Sounds like a grand time was had by all, and with terrific results on your entries! Yay! You'll be hooked from now on, plotting and planning for next year! -Mary

  6. And what came first..the chicken or the egg? Well, in this case the eggs!

  7. Congratulations to you and the boys, too. What fun that would have been.

  8. I LOVE the county fair! Hubby and I have entered photography and veggies and I also enter my cheesecake! I can't wait till our little guy is able to enter 4H with animals!

  9. Congrats to all! What fun!
    I love county fairs - missed both of ours (the one at our old house and the one at our new house) this year :-(

    Can't wait to see what you guys win next year!

  10. Oh, I'd have that boy making rolls every Saturday morning! :) Congrats to you all.

  11. Pretty IMPRESSIVE!!!
    Especially for first timers!
    Way to go!

    Oh...& that pen VERY nice :)


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