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Farmhouse tapestry chairs

Long before we had a farmhouse, and I mean  l_o_n_g  before,
 my husband and I purchased these chairs. 

Actually, these were part of an amazing anniversary present.  He knew I wished for new living room furniture designed for us.  (I've always been one of those girls that perused magazines and wanted my home to be just right, you know.)  I opened a card that New Year's Eve and found fabric swatches and pictures of furniture drawn all over it plus a business card to Ethan Allen.  Now, I have to tell you, we couldn't really afford Ethan Allen but that is where he was sending me to pick out a roomful.  How exciting!

Turned out that they were a good deal, an amazing deal actually because they are still in great shape after 16 years! 

The sofa is too but had to be recovered when our oldest son bled all over it when paramedics started an IV after he got bit by a snake.  Crazy story!  Over reactive mom ~ boy was fine ~ sofa was not.

Anyway, as you can tell, we loved the farmhouse style even then.  We had no idea we would someday build one.  And we really didn't know our comfy chairs would still be around to live in it.
Would I love them covered in crisp white cotton?  Of course!
But I have 2 words for you ~
3 of each!
Suffice to say, they are still a good fit for us.
And we love them!

The colors ~ classic
The tapestry ~ tough
The farmhouse ~ fantastic
The animals ~ adorable ~
dogs & cows & chickens & rabbits & ducks.
Wait ~ we don't have any ducks!
"Honey, we need some ducks to go with our chairs!"


  1. Good furniture definitely pays for itself. I have a love seat in my house that was formerly at my moms and it is AT LEAST 30 years old....looks brand new!

  2. I love the pattern! Older furniture is usually better made you know!

  3. I would take those chairs in a skinny minute! They are darling! Oh... I do think you need ducks on your farm! Every farm needs some ducks!

  4. Love those chairs...they have great lines, too!


  5. Hi they have the farm built up all around them..they're in the right house! I bought a cream lounge..we had boys and dogs too..not a good combo. The lounge has good bones..but is now Kara the dog's bed..covered with rugs and I have a black leather sofa which is far more compatible with dogs and men..they've grown up!

  6. Catching up on posts after a short trip to Minnesota. Love the chairs! They look so comfortable. I would like some ducks also. I love fried okra and I'm going to put some in my greenhouse next year. Yumm. Sorry it is so dry. I will try to send some rain and cool weather your way. I am not going to venture far from the Black Hills for awhile. It was 103 and miserable humid in Minnesota. Here it is a beautiful 80 and we just got an 1 1/2 of rain. Humidity? Nonexistent. Hopefully it will get better there. My thoughts are with you.

  7. Compared to a lot of furniture, EA is expensive but so well made! We splurged and purchased a gorgeous EA bed a few years ago ~ it's timeless and we expect we'll have it forever:)


  8. I agree, you need some ducks! :)

  9. What a great post! I'm so sorry to read about your son getting bit by a snake...I would have been panicking if that had been me. As much as I love the look of the houses filled with white furniture etc I LOVE your chairs. They're absolutely perfect and whats even the way you ended up with them and the sofa in the beginning. What a sweet hubby you have ;) I hope you get many more years of good use and enjoyment out of them.
    Maura :)

  10. The fabric design is really charming.


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