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A few pretty things

are left in the garden.  But when I say a few, I mean very few.  Most have been burned up by the hot dry weather.

I am only watering now in hopes of
saving the perrenials for next year.

Still, I'm glad for the last of the summer blooms...

until fall arrives.  I sure hope that is soon!


  1. I love fall... but I don't particular care for the W world that comes after it!
    Pretty flowers!

  2. I LOVE fall too, BUT I'm savoring every last sweet drop of Summer at the moment! :)

    Beautiful flowers!

  3. It has been tough this summer keeping up with all the watering for the beauty of our flowers. Your's still look pretty good. The deer came last night close to my house and finished off mine.

  4. As your neighbor to the north (KC), I know you have to be wishing for Fall as much as I am. My first attempt at gardening was a failure this year...the scorching access to water (we need to add a hose extension)...and vacation this summer, did it in!

    Here's hoping for cooler weather!


  5. I hope you're getting some of that nice cool weather we're enjoying up here in Kansas. I miss going outside in the morning in my nighty to let the chickens out but I'm SO enjoying not having to water 2 and 3 times a day and spending most of my time indoors. Your flowers are still pretty...enjoy them while you can.
    Maura :)


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