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Hung out to dry

I recently found that drying clothes outside in the summer breeze takes half the time as running them through the dryer.  Half! 
And it doesn't take any energy.

I decided then that our farm needed a clothesline.

Then the dryer stopped heating,
probably from overwork.
Since I really don't want to mess with having it repaired this week,
everything is hung out to dry.

A few things that need fluffing are going next door to Nana's dryer.
{Thanks, Nana.}

Until the clothesline gets here and installed, our adirondack chairs are doing the job.
I have to admit, I kind of like hanging the laundry out to dry.
It feels very farmish!


  1. I need to get a clothesline up at our farm; I'd love to be able to do this instead of use the dryer. We have amish down the road from us that even have their clothes on the line in the dead of winter!

  2. Good morning Kim!
    I love hanging clothes on the line...we have one here on the farm. When I was little I lived with my Dad and Grandparents up in Canada and my Nana would wash clothes and hang them on the line to dry. Monday night was my favorite as the sheets and pillow cases smelled SO good. In winter she would hang everything down the basement on lines hung across the ceiling BUT...the sheets she hung outside. My Grandpa would bring them in later ..each one would be frozen just they way they were hung. He'd bend them and 'hang' them over the doors (which Nana ALWAYS kept super clean) and they would thaw and then dry. Before I came home from school the beds would be made and ready for us to breathe in the wonderful scent at bedtime as we drifted off to sleep.
    Hanging clothes brings back happy memories for me as I still think of my wonderful childhood home as I hang each piece. Great Post!
    Maura :)

  3. Nothing better then fresh smelling sheets from being hung outside. I only have one line but it is amazing how fast the clothes dry and I can hang more out. Love my little clothes line and you will too.

  4. Mmmm, line dried clothes/sheets smell so fresh and wonderful. Also I sometimes put the shirts onto hangars and hang on the line... they dry so crisp and no wrinkles. The clothes line is one of the special treats of summer!

  5. So sad that our subdivision (in a small town with 1 stoplight) doesn't allow clotheslines. Ridiculous. We all have approximately 1 acre...and most people have put up privacy what's the harm?!!!

    Loved helping my grandma take clothes down off the line and putting the wooden clothespins in the special bag that hung from the line!

    Thanks for the memory!

  6. I've never understood how folks can stand using a dryer. I hate the smell of stuff-over perfumed if you use softener, or stinky burnt if you don't. Nothing more heavenly than crawling into sheets that have hung out to dry. Wonderful!
    I hope you get your line soon!!

  7. yes, i'd love to have one someday! i've heard vinegar added to the rinse cycle softens clothes like jeans...i think??

  8. Haha! This story sounds familiar, LOL! This happened to us a couple of months ago :) NOT FUN...especially when you live on a farm and clothes are constantly getting filthy!


  9. Great way to solve a problem and save a lil money on energy cost while waiting for your dryer to be repaired.

  10. I love when clothes, sheets, and quilts are dried on a clothesline. Thats the only way my mom will dry anything until she forced to use the dry by the cold weather. My dad thinks we are nuts, but we don't care. Though we live in the city my mom will always be a country and farm girl at heart.


  11. I absolutely love laundry day now that I've been hanging the clothes on the clothesline. I enjoy the whole process of hanging them on the line, checking them, and then bringing them in. They smell so good! I have found that the more I do things the old-fashioned way, the more I love the country life! I've also found that it saved a bundle on our electric bill! Another bonus!

  12. I used to dry clothes on the line. In muggy SC during 'monsoon' season they'd sometimes mildew before they dried! But... on nice days, it was heavenly. Now that I don't live in a community with 'rules', I could hang them out again... I just may do that. Thanks for reminding me how nice it can be!

  13. I grew up with my mom hanging everything on the line... even my teeny tiny bras when I was first developing... the school bus would drive by and I don't know which I was more embarrassed of ... my underwear displayed for all to see or the sign that read "Free Manure" (we had horses). :)

  14. I love the clothesline. We put one up last year. I just wish I could get in the habit of using it 100%.

  15. HI Kim

    I love hanging clothes out on the line..nothing like it.

    The sign was deliver yesterday..Thank you so much Kim I love it. What a honor to have one of your hand made signs.


  16. Hi Kim..Here in Australia most people hang their clothes on the line to dry outside. The most common way to hang them is on a Hills Hoist..which looks a little like a flat windmill with lines like a spider web!

  17. Great! Can't wait to see it!
    Mine is old & came with the farm!
    AND me thinks you've just inspired me to use it a bit more often!!! ;)

  18. I hung our clothes out to dry for awhile when the kids were little, then learned that it just took too much time and using the good ol' dryer was better. When I was using the clothesline, I figured out that giving them all a quick fluff in the dryer before folding them made them nice and soft again. We took down our clothesline, but I'd like to put one up again for towels and blankets. It's definitely worth the energy savings!


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