School schedule

Back to school throws the house into a tizzy even for the homeschoolers.  At least for us it does.  We all have to adjust to the school schedule again.  And this year, all of the boys are taking classes away from home so it's a little crazy. 

 It's exciting, though... 
new books
filled backpacks
sharpened pencils

I just love having the chalkboard handy so I don't miss anything.
( & I assure you, I would. )

The cranberry glass compote is a clever way to disguise the chalk and mini eraser closeby too.

Know one ever knows they are there.


  1. Very Nice!!!
    I like sneaky/creative storage solutions! ;)

  2. I love chalkboards too Kim...there's just something about the sound and the act of writing on one that makes me happy! I think this is great...right on the door like that!

    I am a list keeper to the I know what you mean...if I didn't write it down...I'd forget too!

    ciao bella

    creative carmelina

  3. A beautiful and clever disguise... teacher!

  4. I was out and about in the blog world and happened upon your delightful blog:) I'm looking forward to browsing around, especially the homeschooling posts as I am just starting to homeschool my 6th and 8th graders for the first time.

    I'll be following along with your journey.

  5. Kim, I love your chalkboard door ~ very clever! And practical! Happy teaching:)


  6. Very cute! I love creative solutions that disguise "clutter" or chalk and erasers! ;)

    Isn't there something wonderfully soothing about "back to school" routines...even if they are chaotic in their own way?!!1

  7. Who says practical can't be beautiful!? :)

  8. Kim what a great idea...I've got some chalk paint and I could use a chalk board! Every fall I still get that little thrill when it comes time for school. Where I grew up way back when ;) and even still most places up in Canada start school the first Monday after Labor Day. Even though I don't have children in school anymore...I still get that little tingle of nervous excitement near the end of August. Wow...fall really isn't that far away!
    Maura :)


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