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Cowboy up

Even though Cowboy is only a year and a half old therefore too young to ride, we decided to introduce him to the saddle. He did really well! The only time he moved at all is when the saddle was cinched up and then he only took one side step.

We decided to let Jared hop on his horse and sit for a few minutes.  After all, he only weighs 60 lbs.  What could be the harm?  We knew Cowboy wouldn't care and he didn't.

Our trainer said we wouldn't have to "saddle break" him if we followed the Clinton Anderson method.  I guess he was right.  It's amazing what natural horsemanship training will do for any horse but especially a young one!  We may only buy yearlings from now on. It won't be long before Jared is ready to "Cowboy Up" and ride his own horse.  And this was a great start.


  1. Wouldn't my kids love this! And such a pretty blanket he has, too. I'm thinking you picked it up when you shopped for supplies recently? A beauty. My compliments to Jared!

  2. Yes, that is a pretty blanket. He has had that for a while and has used it a few times on Bobbi.

    The boys have been purchasing their own tack that way they will make sure they will take care of it. He has his eye on a royal blue saddle pad to match. Maybe under the Christmas tree. We will have to see.

  3. How fun. The horse looks really like a sweet boy (and so does yours :)

  4. How exciting that Cowboy did well when he was introduced to the saddle! And that he was so quiet when your son sat on his back.

    I've heard so many good things about natural horsemanship methods; I'm glad it's working for you and your horses.

  5. I'd say these two are off to a terrific start. What a handsome pair!


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