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Finding our seats

It may seem like a strange thing but part of our horsemanship this week has been finding balance in our seat.  With the three horses that are ready for this, we are walking in the round pen on them bareback. 
No saddle, no bit.  Just mecate reins. 
Walk off... one rein stop.

It's amazing how much different this feels.  You really have to "feel" the horse.  I paid more attention to my posture, where my feet were, and the cues I was giving.

There was such freedom in riding this way, even at a walk.
With that freedom, there was a little fear too (at least for me).
It's amazing how that saddle gives us a false security of being attached to the horse.

We've been watching the Clinton Anderson DVDs and following his program step by step.
Along with all his Natural Horsemanship exercises, we will be practicing this for a few weeks.

I have to tell you, the more time I spend with horses, the more I like them.

Oh, and Wayne gave D back to me!
If you have been following for a while, you may know that my hubby and I traded horses.  D (Doll) was super skittish and so was I so we switched horses.  I've learned a lot from calm but stubborn Bobbi but I have never just loved her.  D ~ I have always just loved!  Anyway, we are taking it slow, working together, trying to build trust.  Mostly, I just need to be strong enough to lead (which is nothing new).  Going through natural horsemanship with a horse is teaching me much about myself ~ more than I ever imagined!


  1. Great that you are putting in so much time to learn good riding and developing a good relationship with your horses! It takes hard work and dedication.. and patience!... good for you :-)

  2. i admire you taking your time and doing it right. :)

  3. Love the attitude of respect you shoe your critters. Happy riding!

  4. I'm glad you are doing it right. There is nothing more rewarding than having a good relationship with your horse.

  5. Oh, I so loved this post and I agree with it. I rode my horse bareback tonight well, with a Parelli saddlepad, and cantered for the first time in over 20 years. It felt great. I rode for years when I was young, so I have an advantage, but I am learning SO much from NH. I've never enjoyed horses more. :) Keep it up!

  6. Love the picture of your son laying on the horse. That is total trust.

  7. Sounds like things are moving along in a positive way with the horses. Glad you got your horse back.

  8. Hi Kim,
    Just wanted to stop by and say hi and invite you to stop by my new blog, Simple Pleasures /formerly Michelles Cozy Cottage.

  9. You'll be riding like Stacy Westfall someday

  10. Glad that you are enjoying your horses as much as I enjoy ours.

  11. Hey - I didn't know you were a rider too. I'm in the same boat with one of our horses - love him, but he's too skittish for me...right now. I'm getting my confidence back with another one...that I don't really care for that much. I'm inspired by your success :-).

    And those would be vanilla wafers. Mini size so they can have more than one ;-). Sheep also like saltine crackers apparently. And you can always bake your own "horse treats" for everyone's enjoyment :-).

    They have to learn to like the cookies, but if you can get one started, the others will fall like dominoes. Jacobs can be a bit standoffish, so treats are a great idea. Plus it's just so darn fun.


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