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Chicks rock!

It almost seems like spring here with cooler temperatures
and baby animals on the farm.

Since I have been selling eggs, I decided to expand my flock this fall so the new pullets would be laying by spring.

The post office called at 6:40  (Yes, that's AM)
to tell us they had arrived and to please come get them

Ordered 27.
Recieved 30.
1 didn't make it :(
and 1 is being nursed along.

There are some really cute Americanas in the bunch
but the stars of the show are the Polish girls.

Meet the band ~
Blondie, Tina, & Stevie

They've got the 80's dos to carry off those names, don't you think?

Jared wanted some cool chickens so these girls are just for him.
 He's convinced (and so am I) that these 
chicks rock!


  1. Oh my gosh hahahaha those polish ones are too much! I am curious about starting chicks now. Hubby and I were planning to get some in the Spring to start having our own eggs, but then he considered doing it now, but I would worry it would be too cold for them over the winter while they are still young. Have you ever had issue with that? What is your favorite breed for a layer?

  2. Hi Kim!
    Oh how the 'do's' and their names. I agree...those chicks 'rock'!
    Maura :)

  3. I used to hate chickens, but the more I read others blogs, maybe I need to give them another chance. I can't wait to see what the Polish girls look like when they grow up.

  4. Oh, they are so cute. I love baby chicks. We did an order last fall. It was a lot of fun. We had the hardest time with our Auraucana's. They just did not want to live. What hatchery did you use? We have always used Murray Mcmurray but would love to hear about others.

  5. Congratulations on your new flock! Nothing cuter than fuzzy chicks!


  6. Oh now that what I call a huge benefit to living in Oklahoma! If we started chicks right now they'd never make it, wayyyyyyy to cold for them now. I think the polish girls are cute! Cannot wait to see them all grown up, they make me laugh!

  7. Allison,
    We haven't had fall chicks before so we will have to see how they do. It seems like they took about 6 weeks to fully feather then they should be ok for cooler weather. They just need a place of shelter and if you can always add a heat lamp in the coop to extend the warmth or give them extra when it gets really cold. I don't know about Ohio though. Whether you decide spring or fall to start, I think it's worth the wait for the eggs. I love raising chickens. You should give it a try. My favorite breeds have been the Ameraucanas because they lay green eggs and are gentle but I also really like my Production Reds (also called New Hampshire Reds)because they are great layers. I didn't care for barred rocks or buff rocks. Hope that helps.

  8. i agree chickens are the best! can't wait to see them! :)

  9. Those polish chicks definitely have the 1980's "GBH"...

    Great Big Hair

  10. they are very cute. My brother used to have chickens, but that was before I paid too much attention to them. Now I wish I had paid more attention and learned something. No chickens in my future, alas, but maybe someday!

  11. you are scaring me...I got my chicks in on Thurs morning (early phone call as well) I buy fall chicks for the same reason...we sell and need more for the spring...We have the cutest silver amercauna...

  12. Don't tempt me.. don't tempt me.. don't tempt me! ha! They are adorable, and I am a sucker for Polish and Silkies.. and of course all of mine are Ameraucanas (still enamored w/ their beautiful eggs). Enjoy the peeps! -Tammy


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