Farm Pedicures

That means the farrier has been to the farm.  Every 6-10 weeks (depending on the season) he visits to make sure the horse's hooves are in good shape. 

They are trimmed,

filed and shaped up.

Our farrier has been with us since before we started working with our natural horesmanship trainer.  In fact, he's the one who refered us to him.  They haven't always stood so nicely for their pedicures.  It's rewarding to share with him about how far we have come in our horse journey.

It's also nice for them to be in great shape for riding too.

 Now if I can just convince him to trim the goats.


  1. Don't you just love the farrier! It's such back-breaking work. I don't see how they do it. My farrier says his time is the horse's time. I love that he is so patient.

  2. A good farrier and a good mechanic are both worth their weight in gold! I've got a female farrier who is also a 4-H leader, and has answered a number of questions on both accounts! LOL

  3. i love our farrier. he is always so kind and does an excellent job. which reminds me, we need to have him out to trim the horses. :)
    GIVEAWAYY at my place!

  4. ...once upon a time I used to enjoy a pedicure too, but now I have two horses that come first... :)

  5. I give you alot of credit. Most people who are relatively new to horses don't buy the green ones to start with. You have taken the steps to learn about your animals and a humane way to train them and learn yourself... and it's paying off! Good for you. Farriers around here are so expensive. I now pay $175. for a set of four regular shoes. I might go back to barefoot with just a trim!

  6. I am learning a lot about what keeping horses entails from reading your blog.

  7. Haha,I had to learn how to trim my goats hooves, Because that was where our farrier put his foot down!
    My horses used to be so bad for the farrier, But after lots of ground work they got better, Its cool what a little bit of time can do :)


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