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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Favorite Farmhouse Feature - Providence Quilt

With the cooler weather coming on, I've been reminded how happy I am with our bedding choice to curl up under. Every farmhouse needs a quilt.  Frankly, I don't think our home could be a called a farmhouse without one. I've been asked many times where our quilt came from and the answer to that is Pottery Barn.  Although it is new, it possesses a vintage feel with old fashioned fabric prints and hand quilted stitches.  Was it a splurge? Yes.  But after nearly two years of daily use, it still looks the way it did when we first put it on our bed.

We paired the Providence Quilt with a set of pure white Matelasse shams and a white linen tailored bedskirt.  The combination is not frilly but certainly comfy.


  1. Very pretty! I agree that a farmhouse has to have quilts on the beds :)


  2. Yes, you can't call it a farmhouse without quilts! :) And I adore Pottery Barn. When I am on a cleaning binge, my kids HATE to hear the phrase "We aren't stopping until it is Pottery Barn clean". :)

  3. Mmmm....makes me want to crawl under the covers! Very pretty and very 'farmhouse'!

  4. LOVE your quilt! I have to stick to a plain, dark coverlet since our dogs somehow end up on the bed... anything like this would be ruined/stained... of course my husband isn't much better with his dirty, work clothes!


  5. I feel the same way about quilts

  6. Very pretty and perfect for the winter too. I also adore quilts and layers of bedding.

  7. I've been considering this same quilt. I love the colors & pattern. Perfect with the white shams. And you're right - it just isn't a farmhouse without a quilt.

  8. Looks beautiful and your blog is wonderful!


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