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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Flower garden revival

The cooler temperatures have put my cottage garden
back into full bloom.

These white periwinkles are voluntary
and actually growing in the gravel path.

The gaillardia is always a favorite and has provided constant color
 even through the drought.

The knockout roses are full of blooms.

I almost ripped out this varigated lantana because it didn't bloom all summer.  It's making up for it now.

A few mums to fill in dead spots and some pots of pansies with pumpkins and it looks like fall around the farmhouse.

I love fall!


  1. refreshing to see after this dreadful summer.

  2. You're so lucky to have some flowers blooming now. There are very few perennials that still look good in my garden. It may be time to plant some more mums.

  3. Hi looks like autumn is a lot kinder temperaturewise than summer, in your neck of the woods! Very pretty.

  4. What beautiful color you have this time of year! The contrast on the lantana is gorgeous!

  5. It does look beautiful. I have been contemplating cutting my flowers down for the winter. Dianntha

  6. You have the most perfectly manicured yard.....SO beautiful and inspiring!

  7. Beautiful cottage garden! Mine is spent.

  8. What a neat and tidy garden you have. Very sweet!

  9. Just caught up on your posts. Your flowers are beautiful. I love your style. Glad you got to meet friends. I had quite a few friends over this fall and enjoyed the company. Finally, congrats on the barn owls they are beautiful.

  10. Kim your flowers are looking wonderful...isn't it nice to see the flowers coming around after this terrible hot dry summer! Even my roses are getting huge leaves on them compared to all summer. Let's hope we have a better summer next year. Enjoy your gardens!
    Maura :)

  11. Your garden is looking really great, Kim.

  12. I love lantana! I wish mine would grow that well!!

  13. I adore your walking path and will have to show my husband the raised bed idea. This is beautiful! My husband loves gardening and our grass is horrible in the back yard... This might do the trick.


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