Hawk in hand

Jake is coming along training his new hawk, Valora.

I just love to see her fly to the fist.
They have been practicing this a lot

increasing the distance each time.

Look closely.  She's flying close to the ground.
 Raise the hand.  Blow the whistle.

Perfect landing!

It's amazing how fast a falconer can connect to a wild bird.


  1. that is awesome! congrats to him and his new bird!

  2. It must be thrilling to see her fly!

  3. This is so cool. I've always wanted to learn how to train a bird of prey, but never liked the idea of storing freshly killed mice in my freezer. The cats would take offense at not letting them catch it.

  4. Very cool. I remember how excited the children at the elementary school where I taught, were, to see a falcon fly across the auditorium. Heck, I was excited too!

  5. Kim I'm amazed at how fast the two of them are coming along...that's wonderful! It must be a lovely feeling watching your son accomplish his dream. Looking forward to more photo's as they continue to learn together.
    Maura :)

  6. It is amazing! This truly blows my mind that this was a wild bird!!

  7. I'm so impressed. It must take a lot of patience.

  8. Is this bird attached to a string or totally loose? Wow.

  9. Valora was attached to a "creance line" (or really long string) in these photos however the last few days she has been flying free to and from the hand. It's amazing to see!

  10. So happy you share these beautiful pictures and teach others about falconry. It's about time for our family to get the hawk out hunting again and my hubby can't wait for the last leaves to drop... Wishing your son a successful and FUN season!

  11. That's amazing! Makes me want to do it!


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