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Big Ole Buckles

Nothing better to a young cowboy than a shiny brass belt buckle that he earned.

Last night was our youth rodeo's awards banquet.
Jonah won Reserve Champion for Chute Dogging.

WooHoo!  Way to wrestle those calves.

And Jared made Finalist.

Plus Jared was surprised to recieve a special award of sportsmanship!  This one was in honor of a girl that lost her life in a rodeo accident years ago.  She always had a good attitude even if she lost and always cheered on her competitors.  This year the award was given to our little guy.

Those are big ole buckles!
Good job, guys.


  1. beautiful buckles! i have a buckle i won when i was the Little Boots Rodeo Queen, i still remember that pure excitment i had after receiving it. :)
    i'm sure they will enjoy them in the years to come just as i have mine. :)

  2. Awww man! That is soooo cool :)
    Well done to them (and what a sad story about the girl who lost her life. That *really* does happen then??) :(
    Love A x

  3. Good Sportsmanship is what is important whether you win or loose! ;)

  4. How awesome! Such a sweet post ~ put a smile on my mug this morning:)


  5. Homeschool,
    Yes, just like any sport, accidents happen. This girl wasn't competing in a rodeo event at the time but was run over by horse. Terrible. Her family puts on a huge Memorial Rodeo in her honor every year where all the money goes to a Christian rodeo camp. Through it kid's learn they can be tough cowboys while tenderly loving Jesus.

  6. Congrats to the boys! I believe that awards like this teach important life lessons!
    The buckles are HUGE!

  7. Congrats to your boys. They have been so busy this summer and since I've started following you, the things they have done have been pretty amazing. You should be one proud mama!

  8. I bet they are proud to wear them, as they should be!

  9. yee-haw! tell them congrats and way to go!!!! :D


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