Sunrise Chores

Farm animals wake up a little earlier than I want to.
They are up with the sun letting us know it's time
 for us to get up too.

The chickens are let out first mainly because the rooster's crow increases in volume if you don't.

The pigs prefer to sleep in ~ all except this little one who wants to know why I disturbed him without bringing him breakfast.

And of course the goats are ready to recieve their handful of grain and handfulls of petting.

Oh look, there is a great blue heron on the pond this morning.

One of the boys goes to feed their cattle.

Lugging 50 lbs of grain, they hop the fence.
The calves are always waiting for them.

A quick peek at the horses to make sure they are all ok and we're almost done.
Looks like D has a friend this morning.

Let's stop to smell a rose, shall we?
As cold as it is, they won't be around much longer.

And what do I wear to do these sunrise chores?
Yes, of course, satin pjs, warm fuzzy white robe,
& work boots!
I mean, what else would you wear at sunrise on a farm?


  1. I slept in this morning and missed sunrise chores. Thank you, Honey!

  2. It would be very interesting to collect pictures of what "Real farm women wear to do chores!"
    I've never gone out in the morning in PJ's, but I've been down at the barn on several occasions in the evening with a winter jacket thrown over the nightgown and my barn boots taking the place of slippers!

  3. On weekends, I'm always out in my pj's, but I wear my wellies, aka rainboots. Unlike you the neighbors could see me if they were looking out the window. My "farm" is a 1/3 acre. When it's a school morning, I'm dressed by time I go to check on the animals.

  4. I always go out in my pjs to feed the horses :) My family that doesn't live on a farm thinks I am crazy...hubby did too at first, but now he 'gets it!'

  5. Love your morning barn chore outfit! Even though I only have chicken to tend to I'm also in various stage of dress myself. Thank goodness no neighbors can see me! Enjoy your day!

  6. My morning attire is so plain, boring, and farmish compared to yours. The boots definitely make the outfit! The sunrise picture is lovely.

  7. Ha ha. Love the early morning guess is you don't have many GQ and Cosmo magazines laying around the house. :) And what lovely mornings to wake up too... I love the chicken coop photo! (hey, did you purchase a new camera?)

  8. look just like me from the knees down at sunrise.....Yep, robe, pj's and work boots!!!!!!

  9. i ALWAYS (!) wear my pj's when i feed the horses in the mornings! always. they're the first ones we feed because they always are so hungry! :)
    beautiful pictures and i wish i had some cows to feed!

  10. I remember those days. Lot of morning chores, before going to school. Maybe a gate for the boys? That ladder looks a bit scary. Thanks for bringing back memories.

  11. Seems like a nice way to start the day.

  12. Yes, going through a gate seems like a sensible idea. There is one that the boys can use about 75 feet from the propped up ladder. They prefer their shortcut over the fence however. Teens!

  13. Alot of work gets done in jammies around here. When my kids were young, Saturdays were 'jammies 'til noon' day. I didn't ask too much of them before noon....and I didn't explain my jammies either!!

  14. It's nice to know someone else does their morning farm chores in pajamas. :)

  15. hello kim
    great photos!!!! the last photo is my favourite.
    have a wonderful time on your lovely
    blessings regina

  16. Always seems like fun on the farm and hey seems you have the perfect outfit for the morning task.


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