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Who-Who! Who's on the roof?

Barn owl
but not just one,
a pair.

photo credit: hawkinghomestead

Serenading each other in the moonlight.
One on the peak of the roof.

and one on the stove pipe.
How romantic.

If you're not trying to sleep, that is.


  1. You're blessed, that's all there is to it ;) I understand about the no-sleep downside to this.. lol. I do ♥ owls, and Barn Owls are very special indeed! (watch your small critters!) -Tammy

  2. I used to have 2 Barred Owls who liked to talk to each other around 3am. I'd hear "who cooks for you? who cooks for you?" from up in the neighbor's tree and then and answer from right outside my window (ground floor). I miss them but I don't miss the sleep interruption. And my cats are still intact...

  3. ha ha! we get the barred owls here. sometimes right outside the house and it scares the bejeebers out of me at first!

  4. They are so beautiful to me, we had one roosting in our chickens barn last year! Yikes! It was a young one and never bothered our chickens.

    Kim.....check out my latest post on my friend's horse! Please share with any horse people you know that might be interested!

  5. LOL, i understand about if you're not trying to sleep! :)
    my sissy and i were out feeding the horses the other night. i heard a noise i was trying to decipher what it was. i do believe it was an owl. :) they're everywhere aren't they?!
    thanks for following me and also your kind thoughts!

  6. I love the little peek inside your window. A candle on the sill would be just the thing!


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