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Another Earthquake

and this one was the big one.  The biggest ever in Oklahoma ~ 5.6!

I've never felt an earthquake until the last 24 hours and to have several within the span of a day has unnerved me just a bit.

Last night, we woke again to shaking but it was much stronger than the night before.  I thought the house was going to break.  It lasted a lot longer too.  Enough time for us to all run outside.
Then it stopped.

Like I said yesterday, send us a tornado, we know what to do.
Earthquakes, not so much.


  1. I remember our first one in Central Illinois a couple years ago. It too was in the middle of the night and woke me from a heavy sleep. All I heard was glass shaking in my kitchen. I ran to my Son's bed ready to grab him but then it stopped. I never did go back to sleep but I knew what it was. I too would take a tornado anyday. Happy to hear you are still safe. There will probably be more quakes but we will pray for tiny tremors.

  2. we felt this one too..we were laying in bed reading all we heard a noise that sounded like a plane hovering over house. the walls started shaking. oh dear! not fun at all! :S

  3. I've never experienced an earthquake... and hope I never do. I can certainly understand though your feeling a bit nervous about the whole situation. Yikes!

  4. How scary. I guess anything we have no control over is unnerving.
    Hope that was the last!
    When we sold our house our Realtor told us a story about a couple she was selling a home to. They had come from California and asked about earthquake insurance. The Realtor laughed and commented that Colorado doesn't have earthquakes. The next day there was one with a magnitude of 5.3!!

  5. i really think the oil drilling and natural gas fracking processes are shaking things up...

  6. I agree with you! We live north of Tulsa and last night's earthquake was scary. We could visibly see things shaking in the house and the sound was weird. I hope it is years and years before we feel one of those again!

    And....I love your farm house and your blog. Look forward to your posts. Take care & God Bless. :)


  7. I know what you mean! I experienced my first one in August in Virginia... we live 20 minutes from the epicenter of that one! I was so shocked I didn't know what to do! Hope the aftershocks stop soon... they make for some long nights.
    (As my husband said "If you can't count on the ground to stand still, what can you count on?!")

  8. We had yet another one last night. This one was in the middle of a thunderstorm. That's three significant earthquakes in 4 days! That's a few too many for this Okie girl.

  9. floods, hail, tornadoes, and an earthquake... all in one evening. Shesh!

  10. Wow, pretty scary stuff! We had our first "real" one in Maryland a few months ago. Scared the daylights out of me! We're definitely not in earthquake territory! Hope you guys don't have anymore, and glad your house is ok!

  11. Shaking houses for those of us not used to earthquakes IS really unnerving. Our house shuddered and shook during the VA earthquake in August (and we live in SC). Really spooky!

  12. Oh my! Four! I'd be frazzled. Hang in there.


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