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BLISSful sleep on a latex mattress

Everyone has heard of innersprings and memory foam mattresses.  But have you heard about latex foam mattresses?  We hadn't until we decided it was time to look for something new to sleep on. 

To be quite honest, we weren't getting near enough sleep
and it sure wasn't comfortable sleep.

Our old mattress was 17 years old!
Yes, I know, that about 10 years past it's prime.

More importantly though, my husband needed to be more comfortable.
You see, he has a back injury from a car accident nine years ago.  It interferes with his daily life and his nightly sleep.  In fact, since the accident, he had not slept more than 6 hours a night.  Everyday, he woke up in pain.  There was no need to have an alarm clock.  His back would wake him up.

But that has changed!

If you have been following for a while, you know that I am not a big endorser of products on my blog.  It's just something I don't do.  But three weeks ago, we bought a new mattress and it has made such an impact on our life, I wanted to share it with you.

Our new latex foam mattress is made from Talalay all natural rubber.
It doesn't have harsh springs to push on pressure points like innersprings.
It doesn't "sleep hot" or have the "quick sand" feel that memory foam has.
It has just enough give to cradle around your body but just enough push to support it.


The one we chose has a 10 inch thick mattress of solid latex foam with a 4 inch mattress topper. What's great about the topper is we can take it with us when we travel.  It can also be replaced if needed since the top layer of a mattress is always the first thing to wear out. The zippered cover can also be removed for washing.

On top of the super comfy 14 inches of mattress, we've added an additonal feather bed mattress cover.
Talk about fluffy!

Softness with support ~
Our latex foam mattress has added a full TWO hours of sleep for my sweet husband.
And the best part of all ~ he's doesn't wake up in pain.
That is BLISSful sleep!

A special thank you to the friendly Hegert family at Mattress Sleepcenters for helping us find the perfect mattress for pain free sleep!


  1. Wow. I am so out of it. I had never heard of this type of mattress. Thanks for the recommendation and info. I will look into them around here. We are way, way, way past due on our mattress too. And, to think, the Mr. has had two back surgeries this year. Glad it's working out for you two! -Tammy

  2. I hadn't heard of this either and I'm always wondering if our Lady American pillowtop mattress is the cause of my lower back issues. I know I aggravate it by picking up the kiddos and yardwork (nevermind slouching) but still I suspect that mattress. It's only 6 years old and my husband is fine with it but I sometimes am not. I think I'd like my next bed to have a built in head pad and TENS unit! One thing that IS blissful about my bed is the heated mattress pad -- that makes slumber so delicous on these cold nights! I will have to look into latex - does is smell like rubber or a new shower curtain?

  3. I just checked that Mattress Sleepcenter link and there's one around the corner from me. In fact, I think we went there when we were looking for a bed 6 years ago. We ended up like so many others in OK and got our bed from Mattress Brothers. Will have to check it out the mattress sometime when we're downtown (maybe checking out the new eateries!).

  4. Thank you for this information. Eight years ago I also was involved in a car accident and fractured my back in two places. I haven't slept well since. And to think it was the guys 7th drunk diving conviction and all he got was a slap on the hand. I am going to seriously check into this. Thanks again and have a great weekend!

  5. lol i wish that was all the older our mattress was!!!! we need something new also but we always put the mattress on the back burner, i am going to look into this mattress thats for sure and just tell hubby..........BUY IT!!!

  6. Congratulations on your new mattress and the added sleep and the relief from pain. Those make such a difference in our lives!

  7. I'll remember these points for future use..but I am so pleased for your husband, amazing to get two extra hours of pain free sleep!

  8. It sounds blissful, indeed! I like that you can take the topper, replace it and clean it. Great points!
    We bought a mattress a few years ago that has double springs and some memory foam in the topper. It is heavenly. It is now our guest bed mattress (long story) - I love becoming a guest for a night, now and then, and sleeping on it!

  9. There's nothing worse than a bad back and not getting a good night's sleep. So happy he is slumbering soundly now.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the natural latex bed. I have been researching beds for a while now. I have a severe back injury and never sleep well or long. I have been comparing the pro's and con's as well as price. I do not like Memory foam but combined with the regular spring mattress it is better then either alone. I have been looking for someone who has tried latex beds to find out what they slept like before I would feel comfortable spending the money on one.

  11. Good for you. We just got a new mattress and it is nice to sleep again.

  12. I think you passed on good and often needed information. Sweet dreams to your husband.

  13. Wow, I want your bed! It looks so comfortable. Congrats to your hubby for being able to sleep soundly now!

  14. Kim I want to thank you for mentioning this bed...I've never heard of it before. My hubby broke is back in the 90's and has had two back surgeries so he is in constant pain but has learned to live with it. He's worked nights for years and only sleeps for about 3-3 1/2 hours a night but is looking at retirement in a few years. I'm thinking a bed like this may help him get comfortable enough that he'll learn to sleep all night. I'm going to see if that company is in Wichita. Thanks again!
    Maura :)

  15. Sounds great - I have a bad back at times, too. We have a fairly new mattress, but I'm thinkin' that your new latex mattress would be great for my back!

    I have your same bedspread... my, but we have good taste...

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