A new way to wash an egg

Funny that I talked about washing eggs just yesterday. 
You won't believe what I did today.
I was removing clothes from the dryer when I saw egg shells! 
Yes, I washed an egg in the washing machine!
No, not on purpose.

I left it in my sweatshirt pocket!
How embarrassing.
How stupid!
How funny!
I can't believe I did that.
I tell you the truth.  What's left of it is thoroughly washed!

And I'm always telling my boys to check their pockets.
I do believe that is the worse thing that I have ever washed
~ well, except my cell phone.


  1. LOL! I never did that, but I did break many an egg in my bathrobe, sweatshirt or jacket pocket. Ew!

  2. That's hilarious, coming straight after your last post!

    WE have the check-your-pockets issues here too.... but an egg? Well, I've never had that one before (I guess there's a first time for everying though!)
    A x

  3. well, at least it's not an ink pen...

  4. Haha...that was a good laugh!! I've broken them in my pocket but never washed one LOL!

  5. At least the sweatshirt will be clean the second go around!

  6. I'm surprised you didn't a scrambled egg in there!

  7. It's call a "pocket scramble" when it smashes in one. I'm not sure what's called when it happens in a washing machine.

  8. In the past month I have washed (and dried) pens and crayons. Ugh! But an egg, that's funny as long as you don't have burnt egg smell!
    Question for you about your wood stove...we have the Jotul 500 like you, just breaking it in because we moved in in April...tonight we set off the smoke alarms in the house and our boys didn't even wake up. If you get the chance and can email me about your experience with building those early fires, etc. that would be great!!
    thatnewhouse @ gmail.com (no spaces)

  9. Hmmm, I bet we could find someone who says that an 'egg wash' is beneficial for clothing!

    Isn't it fun what strange things we wash by mistake?!

  10. Well I have washed my cell phone in a pocket also. But as of today not an egg. I did have eggs in my pockets once and bumped into something and broke them. Yuck.

  11. Hahaha! Gives new meaning to the term "egg wash," hu?!


  12. Kim,
    I absolutely love your blog! We live in S.E. Texas (almost to the La/Texas border) and have been restoring our old farmhouse for years now.
    This was my husband's grandparent's house, so my boys are the 3rd generation to live in it. We homeschool, have animals, etc.
    We have alot in common!

    Love, love, love your blog!



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