Shake, rattle...

and roll out of bed!  Last night around 2 am, Hubby and I sat straight up.  Something shook the house. The lamp on my side of the bed was rocking around and rattling.  It stopped but we were wide awake.

"What was that?"
A big gust of wind?  No. 
A big plane shaking the house?  I don't hear one.
Did something hit the house?
"Don't turn on the light.  Someone might be on the roof."
We couldn't figure it out and finally went back to sleep.

I awoke another time, hearing a rhythmic rocking sound.  Hmm...
It stopped again.  Back to sleep.

This morning we discovered that it was an earthquake! 
In Oklahoma! 

I know we have a fault that runs through the state but I had never experienced one before. It was a little startling. 
 I would rather deal with tornados.  At least with those, we know they are coming!


  1. Aaahhh! ....if we had a 4.7 here I probably would end up ignoring it because we have a quarry not too far from us. We're used to some pretty big jolts. Hmmm....but not in th middle of the night. Hope there's no more after shocks!

  2. Ok, you're not too far from us, so now I'm getting a little scared! There was one just south of San Antonio a few weeks ago.


  3. Sure... the one day I didn't watch the news something exciting happens. I bet you didn't sleep the best after that!

  4. I know how you feel. We live about 7 miles from the VA earthquake epicenter this past August. It took a couple weeks for our 3 boys to be able to sleep in their own rooms again. It was all the aftershocks that caused the most anxiety. Glad you are all safe.

  5. Kim..Wendy my daughter in Meeker..was literally shook out of bed...she said the noise was literally like a freight train.
    Her house sits on a large bed of solid rock...she was shocked how hard it shook. She got on the computer and found out excactly at 2:15 world wide there were a ton of 4 or stronger earthquakes at the same time....scary!!

    I'm glad all are okay...I told her she needed to have an emergency plan for evacuation...and she will be adding earthquake ins to her household stuff.

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  6. How scary!! Glad you are OK, though, and that it wasn't any bigger. I wouldn't have earthquakes in Oklahoma. We live in WA where they are quite common.


  7. That is scary. I accidentally got on a blog where a guy was saying that earthquakes are happening a lot more frequently. I have tried to blow him off as a quack. He says the earth is becoming unstable. My hooe is the world is just more connected with the internet and computers.

  8. We felt the effects of one this summer all the way in N.C. Really crazy. That must have been absolutely the strangest thing to feel that not knowing what caused it. An earthquak,OMG.

  9. I didn't feel that first one but I heard the rattling in the house and my daughter said her bed was shaking. She and my hubby swapped beds but I couldn't sleep until I knew what it was so naturally I hopped on FB and a friend has posted the link so we could rule out demonic possession (been watching too many scary movies). The 2nd one freaked me out and I'm thankful the kids slept through it. Last night nothing happened and I still had trouble sleeping. Could be because the weekend ended with a hawk attacking one of my Easter Egg hens. Poor girl... hope we are done with the earthquakes for a while. I've heard people blaming the fracking going on in Lincoln county as the reason...

    Happy Monday!

  10. Yikes Kim! That is super scary. Your state has been kind of going crazy this year! First it was cold. Then it was hot. Then it had an earthquake. I am so glad you and your family are alright!


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