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Sheep shipment

The long awaited day has arrived!
Our new Jacob Sheep were delivered to the farm today.


Months ago, we picked a starter flock of eight ewes from
Then, seven of them were bred to rams.  The other one was too young but she was just too cute to pass up.
Next, they had ultrasounds to make sure they would all lamb.
Several are going to have twins!
And finally, they made the long road trip to their new home.

Jared is particularly excited about the sheep.  I think he might have a future showing this breed.
Wayne is thrilled too since he was researching Jacob Sheep before we even built our farmhouse.

They are so sweet and gentle.  Tiny (above) was was being timid, hiding behind the hay rack when I was trying to take her picture.

Smiley, however, was happy to pose.

Bella took treats from our hands.

Ziggy, the youngster of the bunch, wanted seconds. 
Just like a teenager!

Aren't they pretty?

I think shepherding is going to be a lot of fun for our family.

Welcome to Rockin' S~Squared Farm, ladies!


  1. What a bunch of beauties! How lovely being able to include such wonderful animals in your lives.

    Have a lovely day,

  2. They are beautiful! How exciting! Come spring you're going to be busy!

  3. Hi Kim, wow they are so cute. And I love the names you gave them. :) When will the babies be born? How long is the pregnancy?
    I have visited your blog a few times in the past few days. And I just love it. I love the country, and the mountains. I would feel at home living in either setting. :) We have one more move in our future. Will it be the country or the mountains? :) I think I found your blog through someone else but I don't remember who. :) I have just started a blog. If you would like to stop by that would be great. It is only a few weeks old. I hope to put pictures of my crafts on it and other neat things. If I haven't already signed up to follow your blog I will while I am here. Take care, Janet W

  4. they're very pretty! i hope you enjoy them!

  5. cute! your little farm just keeps growing!

  6. oooooo how exciting !!!! You are going to have so much fun with them.I cant wait to see the babys!

  7. How exciting - can't wait to follow your progress with them!

  8. Yea! We're getting a couple of Navajo churro sheep in the spring for the kids to raise for 4-H, we're excited for that. Love the uncommon-ness (if that's a real word) of the Jacobs! Have fun with them!

  9. Those are beautiful. My sister has started with baby doll sheep.
    Good luck and may you have many healthy lambs.

  10. They really are beautiful, I haven't seen them around here.

  11. Congrats! They look great! Can't wait to see the lambs. :-)

  12. I'm seriously coveting your sheep! We had a flock that we are trying to purchase and the guy is going to keep them. He hasn't said that exactly, but he told my hubby he wasn't ready to get rid of them yet. It's been a few months. I'm so ready to have our sheep! I would love to get the type you have. They are so pretty. I can't wait to see pictures of the babies.

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving, Kim!

  13. Your sheep are beautiful... and I can't wait until they lamb and we get to see cute little lamb pictures!
    We've been thinking we might 'do' sheep, too. Although we've been thinking 'hair' sheep.

  14. I'm not a big sheep fan, but those are pretty cool. Good luck with your new endeavor.

  15. Congratulations on your new herd of sheep Kim! They really are lovely and I'm looking forward to seeing how your son does with them and of course to babies next exciting!
    Have a wonderful week...
    Maura :)

  16. Your girls are all beautiful and I LOVE your fences! When are they due to lamb?

  17. Our first lambs are due the first week of February. Can't wait but a little nervous too!


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