Two years

ago we moved into our little red farmhouse.

Construction was not completed so we lived in the rec room (all five of us!) for almost a month.  We had a microwave, refrigerator, and one sink and toilet.  It was rough but also exciting because we were beginning our new country life.

Many of you may not know this but neither my husband nor I had any farm experience. We were city people.  But we wanted something different ~ a simple house with room for our boys to run outside.  We dreamed of horses, chickens, and sheep but we never set out to build a hobby farm. 
Somewhere along the way, it just happened.

Two years ago, we moved here with 2 golden retrievers.
Now we have 80 animals!

5 horses
10 cattle
6 pigs
2 goats
45 chickens
8 Jacob Sheep (expecting lambs)
3 golden retrievers
& 1 red tailed hawk

In January, my hubby said he wanted 50 animals
on the farm by this Christmas.
I'd say we met that goal!

Life has definitely changed.
We have all traded our tennis shoes for work boots.
We research farm things instead of watching tv.
I drive a truck (something I never thought I would do).
We still go to work and have school at home.
But the other hours,
we spend with the animals
 and tend the garden
 and repair fences
 and ride horses
 and... and... and....

A quiet life? No.
A simple one? Sometimes.
A rewarding one? Definitely.
Would we go back to the life we lived two years ago? Never.


  1. I've always wanted a farm, and will still have a small one someday - but not a lot of animals. More fruit trees and gardens. You have built a wonderful place there.

  2. hurray for your goals and your dreams coming true and then some! :)

  3. Your life sounds wonderful. I love that you drive a truck, that's exactly what I want:)

  4. I couldn't agree with you more- I wouldn't ever want to go back!

  5. And isn't life so much more rewarding on the farm?! I sure think so!!

  6. What I like most is that you always researched things before getting or doing them! Not just a great learning experience for the kids, but a good one for YOU, too!

  7. It is interesting for a city person to move to the country. I always think of a city person from a country childhood going back to the country. I wonder if 15 or 20 years from now you will move back to the city. Whatever, enjoy! I love following your experiences. I'm still a country girl living in the city pretending she lives in the country.

  8. Hi Kim, thank you for sharing your farming adventures with us. It has been marvellous seeing you all grow and enjoy your experience.

  9. The farm life - it just gets under your skin and in your blood! I think none is more zealous about it than us converts -- aka former city folk :)

    Lovely post!

    CHRISTmas Blessings!

  10. You sound so happy - and I don't blame you!
    Isn't it amazing how there is always something that needs doing?!

  11. Dreams coming true! You gotta love it!

  12. Very sweet.....sounds like what we are doing. Congratulations to you!!

  13. We did something similar, although not as complete as you have. We moved from Phoenix, AZ in a tract home to 7+ acres in Virginia about 1-1/2 years ago. We have 6 chickens, 1 guinea hen left, 3 bee hives and a mixed breed dog. I would like a couple cows for beef, but still have to convince the Good Wife.

    The main impetus for us making the move?... our three boys. We wanted somewhere that they could go outside and run and play and not worry about getting hit by cars in the street. Best move we ever made! Boys are now adjusted and loving it. We never reconnected our DirecTV when we moved, and no one misses it. Too much to do outside!

  14. Lewis and Clark are adorable and the sheep are stunning. Your house and decorating style honestly rival Pottery Barn ... if not surpass it.

    Keep posting, keep inspiring us! :)

  15. Amen to that! Once you move to the country you don't ever want to go back. My hubby and I would NEVER move back to the city but one day down the road we may have to move from the farm because of health or some other reason. When that day comes we will probably move to one of the little country towns around us. Until then..we'll just keep on enjoying our little piece of 'paradise' here in the country. You've certainly come a long way from where you started...good for you!! I'd say you're there to stay for the long haul....enjoy!

  16. Not all city folks adjust to farm life like you all have, but I am glad to hear that you are enjoying it and have welcomed it with open arms.


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