A Little Christmas in the Kitchen

Usually I decorate the house for Christmas in one whirlwind weekend. But I haven't really been in the mood to do that
 so I am doing a little at a time. 
And I'm keeping it real simple.

Today I added a little Christmas in the kitchen.

It's easy when you have a white & red kitchen to start with.

I do love eating on Christmas plates during this time of year.
Whether it's take out pizza or turkey with all the trimmings,
Christmas dishes just make every meal seem more special.

Candles, apples, and berries found a place on the island.

The dining room table has a new linen tablecloth with cross-stiched snowflakes (from Target).
And the flatware bucket got a new look with a few coats of chalkboard paint.
Right now it's displaying the four Christmas food groups:
Candy Canes
Candy Corns
& Syrup
(anyone know what movie that's from?)


  1. Beautiful! I love those dishes. I love your style it is neat and simple. Seasons Greetings.

  2. We love Elf so much at our house, even when it's not Christmas :) Your kitchen looks so good Kim! I love your new table runner and other red touches.

  3. Truly... I don't see ANY magazines that can touch your style. Just beautiful!

  4. Simply delightful! Enjoy you festive Kitchen.

  5. dear kim,
    your kitchen looks very cosy. i love the candle holder,your christmas dishes and your wonderful table runner.it looks very festive.
    have a wonderful 3.advent,
    love regina

  6. Your kitchen is beautiful! And lends itself really well to christmas decor. Love the Target runner too...

  7. It looks so nice; I am in the same boat. I am not really feeling the decked out from head to toe look! It takes too much energy to pack it all away!! So I went a more simple route this year too!

  8. love it! that centerpiece on that island is beautiful!!!!!

  9. Hi Kim...your house is looking perfect for the holidays...love those dishes. Have fun finishing things up!
    Maura :)

  10. I remember that quote from ELF. Buddy, I think, was his name.
    Your kitchen is great -- the whole house, actually

  11. Oh my that lasso wreath is the coolest I've seen this season (note to self ~ must pin it). Also, the DR chairs...can't wait to see what you choose. I like the pops of color in the 2nd choice, but as you know I have the counter stool version of the 1st & their great too. Love the Christmas Header very festive.

  12. We also have a basic red, white and natural theme in our kitchen/dining and you're right, it's very easy to add a couple of decorations to make it look festive!


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