The pecan grove

on a neighbor's ranch is one of my new favorite places.

If Jake is going there to hunt with his hawk, I try to tag along.

It's a place that seems to say,
"Slow down.  What's your hurry?"

Can you find her in the tree tops?

It's a place to stroll,
hear the crunch of leaves under your feet,
& enjoy the wonder of God's creation.

And the photo ops ~
well, you can't beat them.

It's peaceful
and quiet

and perfectly lovely

even in winter.


  1. it looks like the red-tail is working out well!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your readers, I'm just stopping by new blogs that i think are interesting. And then ill put some of those on my favorites list to visit again. Happy holidays folks and wishing everyone a healthy new years as well. Richard from a Amish community in Pennsylvania.

  3. Ahhh, that post made me *sigh* and s-l-o-w d-o-w-n. Peaceful :)

  4. Simply beautiful. and wow, what a gorgeous bird! THis is a pet?

  5. What a peaceful spot. All the photos are perfect. Glad you had a good day with the bird and the boys.

  6. beautiful! Cannot wait to see pics in the spring and summer and at harvest. I'd be there too especially at harvest time pecans are my favorite and one of the few nuts I'm not allergic to!

  7. So Serene...Thanks for sharing.

  8. You made Warren a little wistful for his pecan grove this morning.

  9. Karen,
    Jake is a licensed apprentice falconer. His red tailed hawk, Valora, is not a pet but a wild bird. He trapped her two months ago and has been trainer her to hunt squirrels and rabbits with him. She will be returned to the wild this spring.
    If you want to see more of his falconry adventure, visit his blog at
    It's an amazing ancient sport!

  10. I did find her... but I had to click and enlarge. I think it would be a STUNNING place to photograph in the morning mist still on the ground (or snow....)

  11. I'd love to be near a pecan grove. I would beg to be able to pick them- love pecans! Merry Christmas, Kim!


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