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Friday, January 20, 2012


Our three first timers are looking a little more filled out now from their lambs.

Chili's belly can be see from straight on now.

Smiley is looking a fatter too.

And Poppy, well, she is just down right cute in her maternity wear!

It will be exciting (& a little scary) to see how these girls do.
One month to go for these ewes.


  1. I loved lambing with my shetlands-they always had the surprise waiting for me in the morning! They are the easiest to lamb-only twice did I even make it to the barn before they had all the "work" done!! Now those are MOTHERS!!! Good luck and enjoy!!~~Rain

  2. Ooooh, I feel the tension here. I get so nervous for the sheep at lambing time....!

  3. They are all very cute!

    I hope the lambing goes well!

  4. One of my first-timers is looking rounder and is developing a bit of an udder, but the other one is hiding her pregnancy well -- IF she's pregnant! :-/

  5. At first I thought you got goats, then I remembered the sheep were sheared. Amazing how different they look.

  6. They do look cute pregnant. Best wishes.


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