Sammie's Farm Chore

Sammie has a very important farm chore.

She helps feed the cattle. 
Actually, she throws a big fit if the boys go without her.

While he pours in the feed,

the cattle come running

until they see me that is.
Then they pose for some pictures before dinner.

Sammie waits patiently on the other side of the fence.

Now for her part of the chore.

I told you it was a very important chore.


  1. Cutie pie! Love it!


  2. LOVE IT! Your pictures are always so stunning...what kind of camera do you have? Just wondering.

  3. Sammie is a sweetie...funny how retrievers love to carry things in their mouths. Does she greet visitors by running and getting something to give to them? Ours used to get so excited trying to find something...ANYTHING he could carry in his mouth to take to the guest when they walked in the door. That's sweet that she likes to carry the feed bags to the garbage. I wonder if you're getting our weather...we've got a 30% chance of snow this afternoon and 20% this evening and we have a wind warning in effect. Keep warm and stay safe if you get hit!
    Maura :)

  4. Gaertegang,
    Thanks for the compliments on the photos! I do love taking pictures.
    I recently got a Canon EOS Rebel T3i digital camera. It was a gift from my husband for Birthday/Christmas/Anniversary (all within 3 weeks). I have wanted a fancy digital for a long time and I just love it. Before that I was using a simple point and shoot and took repeat shots to try to get the pic just right. (I rarely use a flash.) Then I would send the pics through Photoshop to brighten them. Now I am using Picnik through Picasa but do very little to edit. The camera just takes great pictures! :)

    Sammie is always carrying things ~ if not balls & bones, then grocery sacks!

  5. That's too cute! Good girl, Sammie!

  6. Love it, love it, love it. Sammie is a beautiful dog. Your pictures are just great.
    I am curious what kind of cows your boys are raising?

  7. Oh Gosh ..what a sweetie ! Goldies are wonderful furry people !

  8. What a special dog, and one happy to help with chores ... great photos.

  9. that is very cute !! We had a golden retriever named ELVIS.
    Now we have a standard 60lb poodle named LUCY. She loves to go out with my hubby and do chores too. fun to watch

  10. Mrs. Trixie,
    The boys are raising Black Angus cattle to sell as beef. You can read their story on their "ranch" blog. Just click on the steer in the sidebar.

  11. Sammie does have a very important job, and she does it well!

  12. Awww, good dog!

    My 5-year-old and I enjoy the photos; she loves mooing at the cattle pictures.

  13. Oh my gosh, she is so pretty! And helpful! :)

  14. Oh my darling! Sammie is so gorgeous :) What a beautiful colour (I'm whispering this - can you tell? - in case our own Jackson hears me. Jealousy...terrible thing ;)

    Oh, I love the 'pose' that calf gave you. I think it said, 'Woman, if you don't clear off outta my way and let me get my food, I'm gonna flatten you and your camera'....
    Did it go something like this??!

  15. Hi Kim, I'm Anne. I just found you thru Farm Life Lessons and I love your blog! I'm learning to be a farm girl too, in Amish country in PA. Can't wait to explore your blog more. Pop over and say hi sometime at my blog Bringing Borya Home, at Have a great day!

  16. That's so cute - and these are great pics, the cows are beautiful!.

  17. We *all* need work to feel worthwhile and earn our keep!
    Too cute, give Sammie a hug for me and tell her my Sam approves -smile-.

  18. Oh, that is a very important job! Such a lucky girl :)

  19. good dog!! Now, what are you going to do with that empty feed sack??? Around here, the 4H and FFA girls recycle them by sewing them into reusable grocery totes--they sell them for $15 each.


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